Global Disruption Network

Leverage collective community intelligence to rapidly block threats and disrupt wide-scale attack campaigns.

Global Disruption Network

Quickly block access to malicious content

Leverage a network of disruption partners to quickly block access to malicious sites and content to disrupt wider attack campaigns.

Global Disruption Network

Reduce threat
exposure gaps

Expand remediation efforts by sharing attack indicators and blocking malicious content during the takedown processing window.

Global Disruption Network

Benefit from collective intelligence

Lean on our global community to augment takedowns with proactive disruption actions to stop future threats.

Fight back against sophisticated adversary campaigns with proactive blocking and disruption actions.

Zerofox and the Global Disruption Network (GDN) leverages a community of disruption partners to quickly block malicious content (sometimes in minutes) and significantly reduce the "threat exposure gap" that occurs while a takedown is processed.

Global Disruption Network

What the ZeroFox Global Disruption Network does for you

  1. 01
    A malicious domain or social media site is detected, alerted on, and submitted for takedown processing.
  2. 02
    ZeroFox automatically correlates and distributes the attack indicators from the alert to partnering GDN network providers (including Google Web Risk).
  3. 03
    The GDN partner providers evaluate the shared indicators via their own internal processes.
  4. 04
    A variety of disruption actions may occur (such as blocking access to malicious content) during the time it takes to process and prosecute the takedown submission.
  5. 05
    ZeroFox tracks the entire process and visually displays various actions such as indicators shared and disruption actions executed.

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