IDX Breach Response

Reduce breach risks and costs while creating peace of mind for impacted individuals with our proven professional services and the unmatched flexibility of the Protection Platform.

IDX Breach Response

What is Breach Response?

Breach response encompasses incident preparedness and the steps your business takes after a potential data breach has been detected. These steps include thorough detection, identification, and containment of the breach, as well as an appropriate and scaled response plan for the impacted population. A swift and thorough response can help mitigate the damages to your business and the impacted individuals.

Why is Breach Response important?

In today’s world of mounting cyberattacks, data breaches are inevitable. These breaches threaten the value, reputation, and integrity of your organization and leave your employees, customers, and members increasingly vulnerable to all forms of identity theft and privacy risks. The number of breaches is swiftly rising, so much so that they’ve become a matter of when, not if, for businesses.

Each breach is unique — your data breach response should be too

With Breach Solutions by IDX, a ZeroFox company, you aren’t tied to cookie-cutter plans built on legacy systems. We partner with you and your private attorney to customize an a la carte solution that can scale to meet any need.

Reduce breach risks and costs with the proven, flexible IDX Breach Response platform

  • Pre-breach Incident Response Planning
  • Notification Services
  • Call Center Communications
  • Enrollment Website and IDX Identity Protection

Be response-ready and reduce your risk — before, during, and after a data breach


Only pay for breach services when you need them

Data breaches are inevitable. Prepare for them before they happen. Our no cost MSA solution ensures your company is ready for today’s threat-filled cyber landscape with access to preferred pricing and the most experienced breach team in the United States.


The largest provider of identity protection services to the Federal Government

ZeroFox offers customized breach response services that can be tailored to fit the needs of your agency. Our proven methodology is based on more than a decade of experience managing thousands of breaches for our government agency clients.

Get started today

Not sure where to start with breach planning?

Get up to speed fast with our Complete Guide to Data Breach Response. This guide answers the most common questions we hear from organizations and privacy attorneys about pre-breach prep, and shares insights from thousands of successful breach responses.

Why IDX for breach response?


Average cost of a data breach


Records were exposed in publicly disclosed data breaches in 2021


Of data breaches involved the human element

Client Contracting Officer, U.S. Government Agency

The IDX team is experienced, ethical, responsive, knowledgeable, and we have contracted with them for additional breach response services.

ZeroFox Breach Response, powered by IDX – the trusted breach response partner since 2003

96% would recommend IDX

96% of our data breach clients say they would recommend us to others, as well as select IDX again for future data breach needs. From digital and physical notifications, to call center services, to breach websites, and privacy and identity protection services – we have it all ready to quickly respond to any size data breach.

Nation’s largest data breach provider

We are trusted to bring the most secure breach solutions available by 100 of the Fortune 500 — as well as leading hospitals, government agencies, and higher education institutions. We are also one of the few companies in the US to meet NIST SP 800-53 Rev 4 standards.

Trusted vendor to major cyber insurers

We provide our clients with cutting-edge advantages in protecting employees, customers, and members across the cyber threat landscape. Whether it is 10 million or a few individuals, our data breach response products and services can be built to fit your needs.

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