ZeroFox Recognized as a Top Threat Intelligence Provider in Forrester Wave: External Threat Intelligence Services, Q3, 2023

ZeroFox Recognized as a Top Threat Intelligence Provider in Forrester Wave: External Threat Intelligence Services, Q3, 2023
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Forrester has released the latest Forrester Wave: External Threat Intelligence Services, Q3, 2023, The 12 Providers That Matter Most and How They Stack Up.  In the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, this crucial report illuminates the complex convergence of Digital Risk Protection (DRP), Threat Intelligence, and External Attack Surface Management. These intersections are fostering a rich and diverse set of product capabilities that are indispensable in today's digital age.

ZeroFox's Recognition in the Forrester Wave Report

ZeroFox is proud to be recognized as a strong performer in this exclusive list of threat intelligence providers in a testament to the company's relentless focus on customers and innovation. Out of more than 85 providers in the threat intelligence market, only 12 top vendors were selected for this Wave. In that group, ZeroFox stands tall, having been rated a strong performer for the second time by Forrester. This recognition underscores ZeroFox's enduring commitment to safeguarding businesses from ever-evolving external cyber threats.

Forrester’s Recommendations for External Threat Intelligence Services

External threat intelligence is now a necessary foundational component of any organization’s cybersecurity defenses and building internal threat intelligence teams can be challenging. The Forrester Wave: External Threat Intelligence Services, Q3 2023 report suggests that Security and Risk professionals should look for providers that:

Gather Diverse Sources of Threat Intelligence

Providers must be capable of gathering diverse sources of Threat Intelligence. Considering the considerable demands and time constraints organizations face, providers must deliver actionable intelligence gleaned from a broad range of sources, including surface, deep, and dark web. 

Simplify the Consumption of Threat Intelligence

The ability to speed up detection, prevention, and response is critical for organizations. They need providers to deliver complete, accurate, relevant and timely information that helps organizations connect the dots from threat data points to action.

Act as a Force Multiplier 

Organizations need providers delivering value-added services to promote better decision-making and drive tangible action to mitigate risks.  Providers should assist organizations in taking down rogue domains, removing masquerading social media profiles, performing threat hunting, and augmenting existing security staff with dedicated research and analyst resources.  It is also important to continue to gain customer feedback to support the continued improvement of services.

ZeroFox Continues to Demonstrate Threat Intelligence Leadership

Based on the analysis, ZeroFox received the highest possible score in this evaluation on variety of capabilities including:

  • Digital Risk Protection (DRP) Use Cases - Support for DRP use cases like brand protection, anti-phishing protection, impersonation detection, social media monitoring, executive protection, dark web monitoring and physical security intelligence. The Forrester Analyst notes that “reference customers were very satisfied with brand protection capabilities.”
  • Special Services - Services for takedown of malicious domains, impersonating social accounts, and other malicious content. ZeroFox has proven success performing tens of thousands of disruptive actions per week like domain takedowns with success rates in the 95%-plus range.
  • RFIs for Adhoc Services - The process for handling ad-hoc requests for information (RFIs) such as detailed searching and additional analysis on a specific topic. ZeroFox offers a catalog of on-demand services to respond to any requests for intelligence or analysis from a customer, becoming an extension of their security team.
  • Analyst Tradecraft Experience - The tradecraft and size of our global intelligence analyst team. The ZeroFox analyst team has extensive tradecraft and experience, including unique access and expertise in dark web operations.
  • Metrics and Feedback - Measures for collecting qualitative and quantitative feedback from customers. ZeroFox extensively solicits feedback across the customer journey that feeds into improving products and services.

The Mission Ahead

Our mission at ZeroFox is to protect our customers from digital and physical threats by providing unmatched external cybersecurity capabilities in one unified platform.

With the recent acquisition of LookingGlass, a leader in external attack surface management and global threat intelligence, we strengthened our external threat intelligence portfolio with advanced threat intelligence analysis capabilities, expanded technical sources, attack surface vulnerability intelligence and bolster one of the largest threat intelligence community-sharing programs as we deliver intelligence to organizations small and large in the private and public sector.

ZeroFox is continuing to drive innovation in artificial intelligence, intelligence collection, threat analysis, and on-demand services to continue as a global leader in external threat intelligence products and services.

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