Digital Risk Protection (DRP)

What is Digital Risk Protection?

Digital Risk Protection (DRP) is cybersecurity protection for an organization’s vulnerable digital assets against threats that originate on public platforms outside the organization’s security perimeter. 

As organizations work to expand their digital presence and connect with customers online, Digital Risk Protection is helping enterprise SecOps teams detect, expose, and disrupt cyber threats to brands, domains, and people on external channels like social media, the surface, deep and dark web, business collaboration tools, code sharing sites, and more.

How Does Digital Risk Protection Work?

A comprehensive approach to digital risk protection involves three core components: Visibility, Protection, and Disruption.

1. Visibility

Digital risk protection provides enterprise security teams with visibility into targeted and global cyber threats that originate outside the security perimeter. DRP vendors like ZeroFOX provide that visibility with sophisticated AI-driven software that monitors the public attack surface at scale for indicators of threats against brands, people, data, and other physical or digital assets.

2. Protection

Digital risk protection helps protect vulnerable enterprise data and assets against a variety of cyber threats, including phishing campaigns, impersonation attacks, malicious domains, malware and scripting attacks, data theft, and more. 

3. Disruption

The final component of digital risk protection is adversary disruption and takedown services: the ability to disrupt cyber attack infrastructure before digital threat actors can use it to scam or defraud your business. Adversary disruption includes removing malicious domains, reporting fraudulent mobile apps or social media accounts, and blocking offensive content that targets your external digital assets.

Six Uses Cases for Digital Risk Protection

Brand Protection

Digital threat actors often impersonate well-known brands to target their executives, employees, and customers with malicious communications or to steal their data. Digital risk protection is part of a brand protection strategy because it helps stop cyber attackers from abusing or exploiting enterprise brand collateral, messaging, products, and other assets to commit fraud.

Domain Monitoring and Protection

Digital adversaries create fraudulent domains impersonating well-known organizations and use them to phish for data or deliver malicious software payloads to their targets. Domain monitoring helps organizations detect phishing websites and malicious URLs that impersonate the business. Domain protection helps organizations remove malicious domains before they can be used to target and defraud customers. 

ZeroFox’s domain protection tools not only find and remove malicious domains – they also take down attacker infrastructure through the Global Disruption Network to thwart future attacks.

Social Media Protection

Social media is an increasingly dangerous vector for cyber attacks. Digital adversaries use social media to impersonate enterprise organizations and attempt to scam or defraud customers and employees of the business. Digital risk protection helps organizations detect and remove fraudulent social media profiles, as well as brand abuse and other damaging content that appears on social media.

Executive Protection

Digital adversaries have been known to scam or defraud enterprise targets by impersonating high-profile individuals, including government officials, corporate executives, and celebrities. Digital risk protection is part of executive protection because it can help security teams find and remove impersonating content, identify leaked credentials, sensitive data, or travel plans related to a VIP, and listen for attack chatter that could indicate an upcoming threat.

Location Protection/Physical Threat Intelligence

Location protection and physical threat intelligence are a digital approach to enhancing physical security that extends situational awareness of physical threats into the online space. Location protection safeguards critical locations against targeted cyber and physical security incidents, delivering actionable cyber threat intelligence and alerting on public safety incidents that could put people, assets, or data at risk.

Dark Web Monitoring

Cyber criminals congregate in underground forums and illicit markets on the dark web to exchange malicious programs, traffic stolen data, and plan cyber attacks. Dark web monitoring offers enterprise security teams visibility into the criminal dark web, where they can detect compromised data or credentials for sale, listen in on attack chatter, and implement defensive countermeasures to prevent a successful cyber attack.

Why is Digital Risk Protection Important?

Achieve Visibility Outside the Security Perimeter

Enterprise security teams focus primarily on securing assets within the perimeter, but there’s often a gap in visibility when it comes to detecting threats that originate outside the network. Digital risk protection gives enterprise SecOps teams critical early insight into digital threats that originate on public platforms, allowing them to respond decisively with effective countermeasures to prevent a successful attack.

Prevent a Costly Security Incident

The results of a successful cyber attack can be catastrophic for the enterprise. Negative consequences can include direct financial losses due to fraud, stolen data that leads to regulatory fines and litigation, or operational downtime that leads to revenue loss. Digital risk protection helps SecOps teams proactively prevent costly security incidents that can damage the enterprise.

Protect Your Brand and Reputation

The most damaging element of a successful cyber attack can often be its impact on your organization’s reputation and the public perception of your brand. Having your customer’s data stolen by hackers does the exact opposite of inspiring public trust. Digital risk protection gives you the ability to proactively counteract brand abuse in the digital space, preserving your organization’s good reputation and brand value for the future.

How Does ZeroFox Deliver Digital Risk Protection?

ZeroFox provides enterprises with digital risk protection to detect, identify, and dismantle external threats to brands, people, assets and data across the public attack surface in one, comprehensive platform.

The ZeroFox Platform uses an AI-based analysis engine to identify and remediate targeted phishing attacks, executive and location threats, credential compromise, data exfiltration, ransomware, brand hijacking, and more, with full global coverage.

Ready to Learn More?

ZeroFox is the only unified platform for external cybersecurity and a best-in-class solution for digital risk protection. Visit our Digital Risk Protection Services page to schedule a live demo of the ZeroFox platform, watch a video overview, or discover customer success stories.