Advanced Domain Protection and Takedowns

Complete and continuous protection against domain-based phishing and cyberattacks to ensure legitimate and secure customer experiences.

Advanced Domain Protection and Takedowns
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What is
domain protection?

Domain protection is the practice of implementing security measures, controls, and technologies to protect an organization’s domain name, and their sub-domains, from spoofing and impersonations, phishing sites, fraudulent SSL certificates, hosted IP infringement, hosted malware, and cybersquat URLs. Web experiences are the primary customer touchpoint for every modern organization, which is why threat actors capitalize on look-alike websites to launch attacks. Domain protection defends against domain-based attacks to ensure customer trust and positive experiences.

Why is domain protection important?

Millions of impersonated and spoofed domains and URLs are created by threat actors every year. These malicious websites can lead to multi-channel attacks, phishing campaigns, compromised credentials, fraud and scams, and major damage to a brand’s reputation. ZeroFox offers continuous, AI-powered domain protection to address domain-based threats at scale. We lead the way in identifying and taking down domain IP infringement, phishing sites, and more before malicious digital experiences can impact your customers and business operations.

Domain-based threats continue to escalate


Increase in alerts for malicious or fraudulent domains


Increase in domain security alerts


Increase in phishing attacks since 2020

Key benefits of Domain Protection

Protect customers and employees

Avoid fraud, scams and compromised credentials by detecting and removing phishing websites, fake SSL certificates and malicious URLs, even when the URL doesn’t make any overt references to your brand.

Stop cloaked attacks

Gain detection capabilities leveraging algorithmic and ML approaches to circumvent the trend of increasingly sophisticated detection evasion techniques.

Increase domain threat visibility

Receive near real-time notification of newly registered or observed domains related to your brand, including when they become active.

Dismantle multichannel phishing campaigns

Target the source domain and disrupt attacker infrastructure via ZeroFox’s Global Disruption Network, including partner hosts, registrars, CDNs, ISPs and more. Now integrated with GoDaddy and Google Cloud’s Web Risk for faster blocking of threats at scale.

Increase operational efficiency

Respond to threats faster and quickly pursue takedown requests of malicious domains and URLs.

Key features of Domain Protection

The ZeroFox Advantage

For Domain Protection

Safeguard corporate-owned domains and associated subdomains through continuous identification and remediation of impersonating domains, trademark infringement and spoofing. We deploy the latest in anti-cloaking technology to circumvent the trend of increasingly sophisticated detection evasion techniques.

How it Works
  1. 01
    Collects global intelligence across various data sources such as PassiveDNS, domain registrars, ISPs, Web Logs, Indexed web pages, CDNs, Hosts and Endpoint Security providers
  2. 02
    Analyzes and processes millions of data points through machine learning, computer vision, image matching and optical character recognition to identify possible domain spoofing, typosquatting, phishing, and newly registered or activated malicious domains and subdomains
  3. 03
    Provides continuous monitoring of potentially malicious domain registrations via parked page detection, fraudulent favicon usage, anti-cloaking technology and full string or substring matching
  4. 04
    Generates alerts on targeted threats, including cloned web content and materials, trademark infringement and spoofing
  5. 05
    Automates the takedown process to swiftly report, block and remove malicious domains, stop multichannel phishing campaigns and block IP infringement
For Domain Protection

Why ZeroFox for Domain Protection?


Domains and URLs scanned daily


Active domains protected in last 12 months


Malicious domain takedowns in last 12 months

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