Physical Event Threats

Physical threats gone digital

Situational awareness on and off site

Configure individual addresses and geographic ranges to immediately begin protecting against threats of violence, theft, slander, malware distribution and other targeted threats. The ZeroFOX Platform is customizable so you can set unique rules and policies for each of your locations, spanning campus-wide to individual buildings.With the ZeroFOX Mobile App, you can receive real-time alerts while onsite at events and take immediate action.


Location and Event Protection

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Gain 360° Situational Awareness

Immediately identify relevant real-world threats to your locations posted on public channels, anywhere in the world. Early warning allows you to take action quickly

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Stop Inbound & Outbound Risks

Address risks coming from both external sources, like threats of violence and natural disasters, and from within, such as exposed travel plans and lP leakage

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Prevent Physical Loss

Save time spent scouring risky posts potentially targeting your manufacturing facilities, distribution and storage warehouses, offices and stores

ZeroFOX Location and Event Protection

See how ZeroFOX protects your physical locations across the public attack surface against targeted attacks, threats of physical violence and more.

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