Physical and Event Threat Protection

Protect locations and events with early warning of threats posted online

Public physical threats start online

Not all attacks that originate online, stay online. Your team members, executives, VIPs, and events are more accessible than ever, with locations and personal identifiable information (PII) often available through social media, online networks, and across the deep and dark web. Monitoring digital platforms and online chatter can provide early warning to help security teams better prepare for physical threats when they arise.

Why is physical and event threat protection needed?

Physical threats can result from online adversaries planning real-world physical threats in online spaces. But physical security can also be impacted by things like natural disasters or geopolitical events. Your security team can’t be expected to react to threats as they unfold; they need advanced situational awareness to mitigate physical security risks. Physical security intelligence and event threat detection can help better arm security teams with actionable insights.

Physical security in a cyber-first world: threats by the numbers


Acts of violence are the third-leading cause of fatal occupational injuries in the U.S.


More than 12,000 kidnap for ransom events occur each year, costing $1.5 billion worldwide.

$ M

The average daily losses incurred by weather-related disasters, which have increased five-fold over the last 50 years.

ZeroFox wants to protect your people, IRL.


Immediately identify relevant real-world threats to your locations posted on public channels, anywhere in the world. Early warning allows you to take action quickly.


Address risks coming from both external sources, like threats of violence and natural disasters, and from within, such as exposed travel plans and lP leakage.


Save time spent scouring risky posts potentially targeting your manufacturing facilities, distribution and storage warehouses, offices and stores.

Stop physical attacks before they can hurt someone. Explore our physical threat protection services.


Identify targeted attacks on offices, home addresses, and event locations posted on social media and dark web forums.

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Protect key personnel against spearphishing, impersonations, account hacking, violence threats and more.

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Find sensitive, proprietary and stolen information leaked on the surface, deep and dark web that exposes your brand and executives.

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