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ZeroFox Intelligence

Outsmart Attackerswith the industry's best threat intelligence services

Identify and monitor relevant threats to your organization with rapid, actionable, and best-in-class intelligence – so you can proactively stay a step ahead of attackers.

Full spectrum threat intelligence
Visibility to see beyond your perimeter.
Detect threats faster
Real-time threat alerts from AI machine learning delivered via live threat intelligence feeds help you act on threats before they become data breaches.
Reinforce your security team
Dedicated security analysts provide expert threat insights 24x7x365 to fortify your security as an extension of your security team.
Anticipate future attacks
Dedicated deep and dark web operatives help you spot attacker techniques to predict and combat their next moves.

Unleash the full potential of threat intelligence

Stop cyber threats and get inside the minds of attackers with ZeroFox threat intelligence services. You’ll have a complete view of your threat landscape across the surface, deep and dark web with everything from searchable finished intelligence reports to on-demand access to threat data and integrated intelligence feeds.

  • Dark web intelligence

    Access deep and dark web data that helps you identify exposed or stolen credentials, PII, IP, and attack chatter directed at your organization

  • Brand intelligence

    Identify suspicious activity beyond your perimeter that puts your brand at risk such as fraudulent domains, social media impersonations, posts with abusive language and phishing, including those that have previously been submitted to domain registrars, web hosts and social networks for takedown

  • Fraud intelligence

    Find data sets of compromised credentials from botnet breach packages, fraudulent websites, tools and social engineering methods aimed at undermining your business and clients

  • Internet infrastructure intelligence

    Distinguish between legitimate and suspicious providers for domains and hosting/VPS infrastructure. Find current infrastructure exploits and TTPs, suspicious hosts, botnet-infected IP addresses, and domains used in attacks

  • Malware & ransomware intelligence

    Quickly track down malware, adversaries, and TTPs being used to gain access, escalate, exfiltrate, and ransom your organization

  • Vulnerability intelligence

    Track the latest vulnerabilities and exploit scripts, enriched with our in-depth analysis on critical CVEs including timeline of events, social media and underground forum chatter, reproduction, remediation, and mitigation recommendations

  • Physical threat intelligence

    Monitor events or policies affecting specific geographic areas of operation or specific executives. Track TTPs affecting cybersecurity and physical posture

  • Third party intelligence

    Scope potential risk of vendors and partner companies in your supply chain across the threat intelligence spectrum

  • Geopolitical intelligence

    Gain contextual insight into new developments in domestic, foreign, and global environmental affairs that have the potential to impact your organization's personnel or assets around the world

  • Strategic intelligence

    Receive curated intelligence on cyber, physical, and geopolitical factors relevant to your business to inform long-term investments and decision-making

Broad & deep proprietary threat data at your fingertips

Intelligence Search

Zerofox Intelligence Search gives you complete visibility of threats to your organization, including IoCs, attack patterns, vulnerabilities, and more.

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Accelerate investigations with access to petabytes of consolidated current, historical, raw, and structured intelligence.

Automate manual processes by leveraging a collection of disparate threat data from a single platform, including dark web chatter, compromised credentials, exploits, C2 domains, stolen credit cards, and more.

Stay up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity news, as well as analyst advisories, threat research, and vulnerability reports curated by ZeroFox expert security analysts.

Threat intelligence services that plug right into your security tools.

ZeroFox provides your security team with comprehensive, accurate, and timely intelligence bundles through our API to work within your existing SIEM, SOAR, TIP, or IAM security tools. Get real-time access to identity & fraud, deep & dark web, and network & vulnerabilities feeds

The World's Most Iconic Brands Trust ZeroFox

To protect their revenue, customer engagement and reputation.

Four of the Fortune 10 and hundreds of the Global 2000 across all industries choose ZeroFox to secure their vulnerable assets from threats that target public platforms outside their security perimeter.

Financial Services

"ZeroFox gives our team peace of mind for our online brands and executive team."

Nate Lewis
Global Incident Response Manager at Reyes Holdings, LLC
Daily Intelligence Brief

Daily Intelligence Brief

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Threat intelligence, also called Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is information about existing or emerging cyber threats and digital threat actors – processed or analyzed by cybersecurity experts and integrated into security systems – that helps organizations understand, identify, prevent, and respond to risks across their digital attack surface.

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