Threat Intelligence Services

Make threat intelligence actionable with global and tailored threat intel services

Threat Intelligence Services

Actionable Threat Intelligence: Where DRP
and Threat Intel Meet

ZeroFOX provides complete threat intelligence on modern adversaries, external attacks and their digital indicators that traditional threat intelligence providers lack. The combination of the ZeroFOX AI-powered platform, robust threat intelligence data lake and expansive human dark web intelligence capabilities offers comprehensive automated protection and intelligence for organizations of all sizes. Transform raw data into actionable intelligence - while also providing the ability to action it on your behalf - to increase security team efficiency and effectiveness.

Main Values

Historically Complete Data Lake

Benefit from the world's largest repository of cyber threat intelligence and threat actor information with more than 20 years of data assembled from the surface, deep, and dark web—powering enrichment, contextualization, API feeds, and threat hunting. Integrate unique digital threat data, such as malicious domains, IPs, impersonating accounts and emails and export IoCs directly into your security tech stack. ZeroFOX’s team of expert threat hunters analyze every threat - saving internal security teams valuable time and resources.

Comprehensive Threat Intelligence Services

Expert analysts provide deep-dive reports, security forensics, threat assessments, research projects, and ad-hoc analyst projects. Projects are designed to dynamically apply and incorporate industry best practices into security and risk management programs. Benefit from targeted research to solve your organization's largest problems and enable more informed risk decisions. Individual incident reporting or ongoing, persistent threat analysis - our team can handle it.

Investigation and <br>Incident Response

Investigation and
Incident Response

Rely on a large team of expert threat analysts, researchers and hunters to conduct custom investigations into threat actors and campaigns

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Managed <br>Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Tailored threat analysis to continuously monitor broad structured threat data feeds for incidents of compromise (IOCs) relevant to your organization

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Strategic <br>Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Access a digital library of actionable reports to inform risk management, operationalize, and optimize strategic-level decision-making

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ZeroFOX is best in class for brand threat intelligence use cases and takedown service.
– The Forrester Wave™: External Threat Intelligence Services, Q1 2021

Meet the ZeroFOX Alpha Team

Our team of world-class threat hunters, researchers, analysts, data scientists and engineers are dedicated to finding, analyzing and addressing digital threats at scale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fundamentally, threat intelligence is analysis of information leveraged by decision makers to shape their protection strategies. High-quality threat intelligence services are singularly designed to make organizations smarter and more capable to meet their ultimate mission of protecting the organization. The end result of the intelligence cycle is a flexible set of deliverables that can be exploited on multiple business levels, from the Security Operations Center (SOC) to the Boardroom.

  • What makes threat data into actionable intelligence is contingent on information security teams’ ability to quickly process and analyze it; cutting through the noise to identify relevancy and apply context to otherwise nascent information. Through various processes of distillation and personalization, raw data becomes actionable threat intelligence, and acts as a critical component for security teams to leverage in order to mitigate relevant risks and disrupt targeted malicious attack campaigns.

  • Threat intelligence services provide not only data but action, while threat intelligence software is simply focused on data collection and delivery. Actionable threat intelligence services create a clear path to remediation by offering security teams simple and efficient processes to immediately counteract threats, take down impersonating accounts and malicious domains, and notify incident response teams of urgent IOCs.

  • First, gather raw threat data that may be an indicator of compromise (IOC), vulnerability, or present an immediate potential risk. Collect data from a variety of sources including social networks, covert chat feeds, incident responses, network event logs, paste sites, domains, email server breaches and the dark web. Data must then be quickly processed and analyzed through AI and human-driven analysis in order to identify relevancy and apply context to otherwise nascent information.

  • The ZeroFOX Platform is purpose-built on microservices and APIs to enable every data point, IOC, remediation action, metadata blob and contextualized alert to be delivered in real-time within existing security workflows, infrastructure and toolsets. Integrate IOCs for complete visibility and contextualization into your TIP, SIEM, SOAR and other tools and systems.

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