Stop drowning in data.
Inform early and stay ahead of attackers

Threat intelligence tailored to your needs, powered by the ZeroFox AI-led platform, unique data-sets and experienced analysts

Operationalize petabytes of threat data

The ZeroFox Platform is powered by a unique combination of machine-based data collection, partner telemetry, open-source intelligence (OSINT) sources and an expert team of human intelligence (HUMINT) analysts. Collected and stored in our threat data lake, we analyze the data with automated machine learning and AI-driven algorithms, combined with experienced human analysts to sort, validate and triage into actionable alerts.

Access exclusive dark web intelligence

Get an unparalleled view into the criminal underground with ZeroFox Intelligence and Dark Ops.

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Expertly focused on your mission

Timely, relevant intelligence tailored to your intelligence requirements. Most feeds and search tools deliver more ‘noise’ than value. We know what matters to you—vetted and actionable intelligence that’s easy to operationalize and there when you need it—and that’s what you’ll get.

Threat intelligence that dives a level deeper

Threats to physical and digital assets are escalating in scale and sophistication. Most organizations don’t have the tools, personnel, or time to keep up, but your organization’s success still rests on your ability to accurately assess and respond. That’s where ZeroFox full-spectrum threat intelligence can help.


of RFIs answered


threat intelligence records collected

Unmask threat actors impersonating your brand

Investigate cybercriminals that are fraudulently impersonating your brand to fully understand their identity, motivation, and tactics to help inform an appropriate course of action.

Investigate domain fraudsters on the dark web

Get a complete view of Deep and Dark Web forums and marketplaces for threat actor chatter regarding plans and in-progress attacks leveraging spoofed and lookalike domains against your employees, partners, and customers.

Evaluate cyber and physical threats to executives

Fully understand risks, vulnerabilities, and malicious exploitation based on the digital footprints of key executives, including threats to their physical safety.

Resources to fight back

ZeroFox Intelligence is a natural extension of your security team so that you can see into the criminal underground, explore the most extensive data lake of external threat indicators and obtain in-depth intelligence reports.

Of elite operatives
Years average experience
Languages covered
Continental coverage with embedded operatives

Threat intelligence delivered

Serving as an extension of your team, ongoing or on demand

OnWatch Managed Service

Our SOC team of external threat experts is available 24x7x365 to review, triage and escalate incidents in the ZeroFOX Platform so you can prioritize threats. With OnWatch Expert, you’ll receive advanced threat analysis, routine threat reporting and executive briefings from a named analyst dedicated to your organization

On-Demand Investigations

Threat intelligence services when you need them, providing threat assessments on executives and in-depth analysis on adversaries, campaigns, targets, reporting according to your SIRs, PIRs and RFIs

Dark Ops Incident Response & Resolution

Resolve security incidents and disrupt adversaries quickly. Our embedded dark web personas engage directly with threat actors to recover breached data on your behalf

Intelligence Search

On demand access to raw ZeroFox intelligence that delivers easily searchable historical and regularly updated threat data, speeding up investigations and research to strengthen defenses

Intelligence Feeds

Get comprehensive visibility to the threat landscape with access to exclusive data sets and expert context that expedite decision making and automate protection within your existing security suite.

Physical Security Intelligence

Improve the safety of people and property with timely vetted alerts and 24/7 insights into disruptive global events and incidents.

External intelligence to enable incident investigation and threat hunting

Quickly search, filter and extract granular insights from petabytes of unique threat intelligence data including finished intelligence, data sets, and raw data. Save collections for future analysis.

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Enriched data to power up your security stack

Leverage ZeroFox Intelligence Feeds to integrate alerts, IoCs, malware, and dark web threat actor communications into your TIP, SIEM, SOAR, or IAM solution – unique data and intelligence to boost your analysis and security decision-making.

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