The Social Media Metrics Your Security, Marketing and Executive Teams Need to Know

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In today’s world of unlimited information, data analysis is no longer limited to data analysts. People at every level of your organization, from CEO to intern, rely on numbers and metrics to validate the work they are doing. When it comes to social media metrics, organizations often think that marketing is the only team that needs to keep track. But likes, comments, and engagement stats don’t tell the whole story. Focusing solely on the social media metrics that drive marketing demand misses the much darker side of social media: the threats posed to your organization, brand, and people. These are the threats that should concern not only your marketing team as they seek to strengthen brand integrity, but your security team that is concerned with cyber threats, and even your executives that seek to maintain a positive online reputation for themselves and the organization as a whole.

While social media security may not feel like everyone’s responsibility, being aware of potential threats will help every member of your organization do their job more effectively. With ZeroFox’s latest Executive Report, everyone, from executive to IT to marketing will be up to date on the latest risks facing your organization’s social and digital presence, even if they are not in the ZeroFox Platform every day.

For the security team

Security teams traditionally own the security metrics for their organization, though they may overlook security as it relates to social media. In order to gain a complete picture of an organization’s digital threat landscape, it’s critical that security teams have access to this information. ZeroFox’s Executive Report includes the social media security insights and statistics that are most critical to your security team members including:

  • Social and digital risks facing your organization: From phishing scams, to personal information leakage, to physical location threats, alerts are organized according to the highest risks to your people and products.
  • Risk remediation and resolution: It’s not enough to know what threats there are, it’s the security team’s responsibility to do something about those threats. From takedown to content remediation reports, security professionals can be confident that threats are fully resolved.
  • Takedown time: Security teams need to be able to answer the question of how many threats were removed and how long it takes for a threat to be mitigated, on average.
executive_report_social media metrics

The ZeroFox Executive Report was designed for security teams to find a single source summary of the social media metrics they need to do their jobs more effectively.

For the marketing team

Your marketing ops team most likely tracks social media engagement today, from followers to comments to clicks. But marketing teams often fail to track threats facing their brand on these same platforms that provide promotional opportunities until it’s too late and an attack has already occured.

The two social media metrics your marketing team should start by understanding regarding security are: 1) what threats are facing your organization and brand on social media and 2) where they are most commonly found? Based on your social media strategy and where your prospects most commonly engage with your brand, different networks may offer different risks. Hashtag hijacking, for instance, is more common on Twitter where you may be frequently hashtagging your company name or tagline. For organizations that sell consumer goods, Facebook and its Marketplace may serve as a large source of potential counterfeit goods and scams. Greater awareness and continuous evaluation of these threats will ensure your brand is protected from fraud and slander across networks.

executive_report_social media metrics

ZeroFox’s Executive Report provides an overview of the greatest risks facing your brand across social and digital networks.

Once your marketing team has established the threats facing your brand, the next step is understanding what to do about them. With ZeroFox’s takedown capabilities, malicious comments, posts and profiles are hidden, blocked and/or deleted, protecting your followers from malware and your brand from damage. The Executive Report includes results-oriented reports to show what content has been remediated and removed.

executive_report_social media metrics

Content remediation reports provide context on malicious and threatening posts across risk rating.

ZeroFox’s new Executive Report does the hard work for your marketing team by providing the metrics you need to effectively determine the threat landscape of your brand and social media presence all in one cohesive, easy to understand summary report. Social media security provides security and marketing teams the unique opportunity to work together on a common goal. The new Executive Report can be easily forwarded to marketing teams that may not be in the ZeroFox platform today but would benefit from the information.

For the executive team

For CEOs and other leaders, the ability to understand the threat landscape facing their organization and themselves on social media is crucial to protecting brand and personal reputation. But CEOs don’t have all day to spend combing through Twitter to find impersonations or malicious posts- nor should they spend what little time they have doing so. They need a single source of truth to refer to when they need information on social media security.

executive_report_social media metrics

The Executive Report provides the high-level stats your executives need to see in a clean, simple format.

The key social media metrics and digital presence stats that every CEO should know include threats to themselves and to the organization as a whole. Knowing what’s most targeted across your organization, from people to locations to products, is critical for executives. ZeroFox’s ‘Top Targeted Entities’ summary within the Executive Report provides a high-level overview of which people, locations, products and other entities are most commonly targeted.

executive_report_social media metrics

Executives are able to, and should if they want to stay aware, dig even deeper and learn how and where these entities are being targeted, with specific reports based on network and threat type, from impersonation attempts to threats of violence.

executive_report_social media metrics

Many uses, one report

ZeroFox’s new Executive Report provides a comprehensive overview of the key performance statistics and social media metrics you need to know to paint an accurate depiction of your organization’s threat landscape on social media and digital channels. From identified threats to remediation efforts, the Executive Report showcases how your organization is protected from social media and digital threats with ZeroFox, in a simple, intuitive format.

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