Executive Protection

Comprehensive digital and physical protection for corporate executives, VIPs, and other high-value people

Executive Protection

What is executive protection?

Executive protection safeguards corporate executives, VIPs, and other high-value targets from the increasing prevalence of physical and cyber threats. More than half of CEOs have received physical threats over the last year – and the risks only continue to grow. Additionally, executive protection helps prevent threat actors from exploiting executive reputation and influence through social media impersonations, account takeovers, and phishing attacks to trick unsuspecting victims into divulging sensitive information and falling for scams.

Why is executive protection vital?

To ensure meaningful protection, security teams must take into account both physical and digital risks. Every day, more sensitive information about executives and high-value individuals ends up on social media, on data broker sites, or on the dark web. AI-powered executive protection solution ensures these disclosures don’t lead to executive impersonations, inadvertent leakage of critical data, or worse, compromise digital and physical safety. An AI-led platform is critical to analyzing the complexity and driving protection of the intertwined digital and physical environments.

Threats to executives are increasing.

They are leveraged by threat actors to conduct financial fraud, deploy ransomware, damage the brand, and even physical risks

Executives/VIPs Protected

Physical Security Alerts Validated in Last Year


Data Brokers Monitored for PII

Protect executives and secure your business.

Critical visibility & control

Extend visibility and social policy compliance to the digital landscape where high-profile executives and VIPs engage with fans, employees, customers, and partners. This ensures adherence with risk-appropriate usage and security controls. Automated enforcement mitigates risk before damage can occur unlike manual, reactionary approaches which are typically too little, too late

Comprehensive protection

Stop targeted attacks, from account hijacking to impersonations to PII leakage, before they cause damage to your executives’ reputation or safety

Protect from the unexpected

Get near real-time situational awareness of emerging threats and public safety concerns that pose a physical security risk at home, at the office and during travel situations. Physical Security Intelligence delivers near real-time warning to events that may endanger key personnel or facilities

Provide end-to-end executive protection.

The ZeroFox Advantage

For Executive Protection

Real-world situational awareness over threats to executives, VIPs, and their families while safeguarding online reputation and security.

How it Works
  1. 01
    Collect global intelligence for protected executive assets via scraping, API, human collection, and other techniques from all relevant OSINT (Surface Web) and Deep and Dark Web data sources.
  2. 02
    Analyze millions of content pieces daily across AI classifiers and advanced analysis models such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision (CV), and facial comparison to accurately detect and alert on executive threats.
  3. 03
    Authenticate with owned social accounts to monitor and remediate risks such as offensive posts, PII exposures, and indicators of compromise.
  4. 04
    Provide high-fidelity, SOC-vetted alerts for high impact events such as travel disruptions, fires, or public safety incidents occurring in or around executives’ homes, offices, and travel locations.
  5. 05
    Automate the removal of fraudulent, malicious or threatening content associated with an executive via industry-leading takedown processes.
For Executive Protection

ZeroFox is extremely efficient and user friendly — the benefits, compared to the previous method, are invaluable. You cannot get those results doing it manually

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