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ZeroFOX Executive Protection

Executives, VIPs, and high-value targets are particularly susceptible to digital attacks. Attackers leverage executive and celebrity reputation and influence through social media impersonations, account takeovers and business email compromise attacks to trick unsuspecting victims into divulging sensitive information and performing tasks. ZeroFOX's artificial intelligence-driven platform enables you to protect your executives and VIPs by rapidly identifying and remediating cyber and physical risks across your organization’s publicly accessible attack surface.

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Stop Targeted Attacks

Gain real-world situational awareness by directly interacting with the social networks and digital platforms to collect data and quickly identify risky, malicious or threatening content, be it an outgoing risk or an incoming threat, across the world or just a block away. Executive & VIP Protection is ideal for corporate security and executive protection teams who need to extend visibility and situational awareness to the social & digital world, enabling them to best safeguard their executives or other high-value people, such as public figures, talent, celebrities, athletes and more.


Protect Your People

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Gain Real-World Situational Awareness

Immediately identify relevant real-world content, whether posted by an executive or a cyber or physical attacker, anywhere in the world

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Identify and Stop Impersonations

Whether on social media or through a business email compromise attack, find and take down fake accounts impersonating your executives

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Protect Digital Presence

An executive’s reputation is a brand’s reputation. Identify and remove offending content that could harm digital presence

ZeroFOX Executive and VIP Protection

See how ZeroFOX can protect your high-profile executives against impersonations, account takeover, business email compromise, targeted attacks and more.

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