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Protect talent,
stop piracy

Stop impersonations and account takeovers

Media, sports & entertainment organizations rely on public platforms to engage followers, promote content and grow online communities. The use of these platforms has created a massive public attack surface that puts entertainers, VIPs, proprietary content and fans at risk. In particular, VIPs and other high-profile talent are targeted with impersonations, account hacking, reputational damage and executive threats. ZeroFOX protects VIPs against targeted digital attacks and works on behalf of the media and entertainment organization to directly address threats.


Remove leaked and pirated content

ZeroFOX monitors the entire public attack surface, notifying you of potential illegally shared media before it reaches your customers. Our team of expert analysts takes action on your behalf to remove the content, safeguarding consumers from potentially dangerous links and materials and preserving brand reputation and hard-earned revenue.

remove counterfeit content

Protection for the Media and Entertainment Industry

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Identification of pirated content capitalizing on your brand

Automatically detect and remove illegally shared content on social and digital channels

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Brand and talent reputation protection

Ensure customer satisfaction, follower engagement and loyalty by eliminating fakes and offensive content

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Automated remediation and removal

Rely on ZeroFOX to remove infringing accounts and posts that contain proprietary information or put talent at risk

Protect Talent and Digital Assets

See how ZeroFOX protects the sports, media and entertainment industry against reputation damage, leaked content and executive threats.

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