Physical Security Intelligence (PSI)

Keep employees and customers safe with immediate alerts and 24/7 visibility over disruptive global events and incidents

Physical Security Intelligence (PSI)

Gain Immediate Situational Awareness Over Real-World Physical Security Threats

Due to the dynamic and time-sensitive nature of real-world events, it is extremely difficult to accurately track, vet, and evaluate the true risk of live global incidents as they’re occurring. Corporate security teams need real-time situational awareness of unfolding events with dedicated resources available to immediately alert the right people at the right times.

With ZeroFox Physical Security Intelligence, security teams receive intelligence on global events that pose an immediate threat to their organization, their people, and their operations. With an available “Advanced” option, ZeroFox adds access to threat analysts who provide threat assessments, added context for incidents and response to your intelligence inquiries. ZeroFox Physical Security Intelligence has the flexibility to fit your organization’s locations and physical security requirements — from small regional franchises to multinational enterprises.

Main Values

Real-Time Event Intelligence

Receive immediate alerts of global incidents such as shootings, violence, bomb threats, fires, natural disasters, and other disruptive events that are occuring in close proximity to your protected assets.

Real-Time Event Intelligence

24/7 Visibility and Alert Validation

Leverage ZeroFox’s AI-enabled external threat monitoring and collection of global intelligence detected across thousands of public platforms, news, websites and deep and dark web sources and validated by an experienced team of 24x7x365 SOC analysts.

24/7 Visibility and Alert Validation
Always stay <br>one step ahead

Always stay
one step ahead

Early warning allows you to take quick action. Circumvent risk by immediately identifying relevant real-world threats happening near and around your people, customers, and worksites.

Accurately cut <br>through the noise

Accurately cut
through the noise

Maximize resources and reduce false positives by extending your team with specialized physical security analysts who research, curate, and vet key events on your behalf.

Configure to your <br>locations of interest

Configure to your
locations of interest

Easily define alert rules with “geo-fenced” coordinates to warn you of physical security events occurring in close proximity to your specified cities, states, countries, or even street addresses.

Given the magnitude of social media, we view ZeroFox as a natural extension of our security technology stack. They’re covering a critical blindspot for us.
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