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Today, physical threats often have a digital footprint. But can your team monitor thousands of platforms and channels in real-time? Keep your locations and people safe with rapid, analyst-vetted alerts and 24/7 visibility over real-world threats and disruptive global events

What is Physical Security Intelligence?

Physical Security Intelligence improves situational awareness and provides near real-time alerting on physical threats made in the digital world that pose a risk at or near locations deemed critical to an organization. By continuously monitoring a variety of digital sources, risk events are detected, categorized, and matched with those locations. An alert is generated that is vetted and enriched by experts, then rapidly delivered by the method needed to the organization’s security personnel.

Why is Physical Security Intelligence important?

Physical threats are increasing rapidly and often leave trails across digital spaces, like social media, dark web forums, and more. Understanding the credibility of threats requires sifting through an incredible amount of information. To ensure holistic physical and digital protection, security teams need AI-driven technology that scours the surface, deep, and dark web to collect proactive threat intelligence and a team of highly-skilled analysts who ensure high-fidelity alerts, so security teams can move at the speed of threats – before they cause damage to their operations, facilities, or personnel.

Change how you see your threat landscape

Digital and physical security are converging, fast. It’s time to see and shut down more threats to your most important digital and physical assets – right where they are.


Zero in on threats mapped directly to you.

Filter your view to see only the events that matter to you, so you can spend less time guessing whether an incident is a threat, and more time securing assets based on real, timely physical intelligence.

Zero in on threats mapped directly to you.

See exactly where and when threats are happening.

Where are hotspots of activity taking place on a macro level? View localized clusters of events as they’re happening. Are your local assets in danger? Zoom in on individual events near you to receive intel in real-time.

See exactly where and when threats are happening.

Understand who’s doing what – and why.

Access unique geopolitical intelligence reports, authored in-house by ZeroFox physical security experts, for comprehensive context of the circumstances surrounding an event and the likely impacts to your business operations.

Understand who’s doing what – and why.

Keep Executives Safe Anywhere in the World with PSI Mobile

Designed specifically for on-the-go corporate security teams, the ZeroFox Physical Security Intelligence Mobile App delivers 24x7 global situational awareness. So you can help keep executives safe, no matter where they are in the world.

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Take control of your digital and physical security with ZeroFox – an unmatched leader in cyber and physical security.

With unique AI-powered threat mapping, filtering, and geopolitical intelligence, ZeroFox Physical Security Intelligence will truly advance your ability to secure your most important assets.


unique assets monitored daily

countries monitored

dark web forums monitored constantly

Executives/VIPs protected

Global Threat Awareness for Your Critical Locations

Increase awareness around physical security events with geovisualization, threat research, and intelligence specific to your locations of interest.

Global Threat Awareness for Your Critical Locations

How alerts are received, enriched, and delivered

Physical Security Intelligence Key Features

ZeroFox PSI scours millions of data points across the surface, deep, and dark web– vetted and enriched in-house by 24x7x365 physical security analysts– to ensure rapid, accurate, and actionable intelligence when it counts most.

Physical Security Intelligence Key Features

PSI Provides 24x7 Monitoring for Any Geographical Location You Need to Protect


Location Protection

Specify the exact geographic locations PSI should monitor and bound those areas with city or county borders, or a defined radial distance.


Major Event Protection

Increase risk awareness at high density events like tradeshows, conventions, or business summits for fast action if risk arises.


Executive Protection

Create a risk-monitored perimeter around key employees by modifying surveilled locations as executives travel throughout the world.


Given the magnitude of social media, we view ZeroFox as a natural extension of our security technology stack. They’re covering a critical blindspot for us.

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ZeroFox monitors emerging physical security situations and collects intelligence across 46,000 locations in more than 150 countries.

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