Dedicated Threat Intelligence Analyst

Augment your team with a dedicated intelligence analyst to reveal critical insights, tailored to your needs

Dedicated Threat Intelligence Analyst

What are Dedicated Analysts?

Dedicated Analysts are trained and experienced practitioners with backgrounds in military and security intelligence, geopolitical studies, executive protection, and counterterrorism. They enrich alerts and respond to RFIs with additional incident context, provide routine threat reporting, and regular executive briefings. Leveraging insights from our team’s unique access, your dedicated analyst will deliver intelligence tailored to your security objectives.

Why is having a Dedicated Analyst important?

While the ZeroFox Platform will efficiently and effectively find, triage, and validate alerts of threats against your most important assets, a Dedicated Analyst goes further by performing nuanced collection, analysis, and dissemination tailored to your organization’s specific needs and intelligence requirements. Additionally, you’ll spend less time worrying about skill and coverage gaps and the burden of hiring, training, and retaining valuable security staff.

Tailored intelligence from a dedicated analyst – at your fingertips

Phishing, Threat actors, Ransomware, Compromised credentials, Suspicious domain registration, deep and dark web
Disruptive activities, Direct targeting of employees or physical assets, Reports of accidents or incidents
Threats against executives & family members, Impersonation campaigns, Potential Doxxing, Leaked sensitive or PII data

Stay Ahead of Attackers With Dedicated Intelligence Support


Dependable, consistent threat intelligence expertise

Add a key member, part-time or full-time, to your security staff while minimizing the cost of building out internal threat intelligence infrastructure and personnel.


In-depth threat discovery and analysis

Contextual analysis helps to address nuanced use cases, uncover actor targeting, and track ongoing campaigns that may impact your organization.


Be “in the know”

Gain greater situational awareness with global intelligence reporting and briefings to ensure you’re up to speed on emerging threats targeting your industry.

A Key Member of Your Security Team

An experienced CTI practitioner operates exactly as your team does and in line with your processes, workflows, and procedures.

A Key Member of Your Security Team

The ZeroFox Advantage

for SecOps Teams

Focused attention on your intelligence requirements and security operations to stay ahead of attackers.

How it Works
  1. 01
    Integrates into your security operations and serves as an extension of your team, providing regular briefings to summarize investigations and deliver reporting on emerging threats.
  2. 02
    Collects candidate data for protected assets through a combination of automated ingestion and analyst tradecraft, researching threat indicators within our data lake, and other techniques using relevant OSINT (Surface Web) and Deep and Dark Web data sources.
  3. 03
    Analyzes and investigates escalated alerts within the ZeroFox platform, as well as analyst-driven findings, to map additional indicators of relevance, and provide contextualization and correlation in the form of “Key Incidents”.
  4. 04
    Disseminates short- and long-form intelligence in a timely manner, mapping to your security requirements and workflows.
  5. 05
    Responds to critical RFIs with additional insight into alerts and incidents, or for operational or strategic level intelligence reporting when needed.
for SecOps Teams

The Cybersecurity Staffing Challenge is Real


Of alerts are ignored in the typical SOC due to “alert fatigue”


Of senior security decision-makers have seen a rise in turnover in the past year


Of companies report difficulties retaining qualified cybersecurity professionals

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ZeroFox Dedicated Analysts are threat intelligence experts that operate as a Managed service intelligence capability, completely integrated into your security organization.

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