Social Media Security Protection Software

As organizations increasingly rely on social media to grow their brands, attackers leverage the inherent trust and public nature of these platforms to conduct attacks. Protecting brands, executives, employees, and consumers on social media is critical for modern business success.

Social Media Security Protection Software

What is Social Media Security?

The ubiquitous access, global scale and ever-changing dynamics of social media platforms make them inherently attractive targets for threat actors. Social media security is the process by which organizations protect the integrity of their brand and executives’ presence on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn; and across dozens of emerging online communities where discussions are had, information is gathered, stories are shared and decisions are made.

Why is Social Media Security important?

According to the FBI, social media impersonations have cost businesses worldwide over $5.3 billion. ZeroFox’s sweeping approach to social media security combines AI-driven technology with robust managed services and in-house takedown capabilities. We quickly identify and stop sophisticated impersonations of brands and VIPs, spear-phishing, account takeovers, data leaks, doxxing, harassment and other illegal activity that frequently lead to fraud, scams and cyberattacks.

Integrated social media security and protection across the public attack surface.

Social media is part of a larger ecosystem of publicly available platforms that make up a new attack surface for threat actors to leverage. In order to combat the threats on social media and elsewhere on the web, security teams need integrated external cybersecurity. Comprehensive coverage across social media, surface, deep and dark web ensures that threats are identified and addressed wherever they show up on the public attack surface.

Social media adoption brings new risks

Every industry faces a unique set of risks on social media, many of which have put organizations in the press or at the center of controversy. The rise of social media has introduced a new security paradigm, one that puts users – employees, customers, and partners along with brands themselves – squarely in the attacker’s crosshairs. Social media has become the new cyber battleground, presenting one of the largest, most dynamic risks to organizational security in decades.

Scale of social media
The public nature of social media makes it widely accessible to everyday users and attackers alike. The sheer volume of content makes it difficult for security teams to overcome risks manually.
Social media was designed for connecting and sharing. Once an attacker has entered one of their target’s trusted social circles, it is much easier to entice the target to click a malicious link or file.
Blind spots for security teams
Traditional security tools do not offer visibility into public platforms like social media, leaving security teams blind to potential threats targeting their brand, employees, executives and customers.

The ZeroFox Social Media Security Advantage

ZeroFox continuously scans social media platforms using advanced detection methods such as reverse image search, optical character recognition, facial comparison and other AI/ML technologies, to gather intelligence, prevent malicious activity, and rapidly takedown fraudulent content across brand channels and executive profiles.

Top Threat Detection Capabilities

Discover social media accounts fraudulently using the identity of customer brands, executives, and other personnel.

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Identify indicators that unauthorized actors have taken control of a company owned social media asset.

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Protect brand integrity by stopping threat actors from targeting employees and customers with in-platform phishing, fake contests and more. 

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Use social media as an early warning system of public safety events that could disrupt business operations or employee safety

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Top Threat Detection Capabilities

Threat Remediation at Scale


Adversary Disruption

Leverage distinct social network relationships, partner integrations and runbooks to block and take down malicious or impersonating accounts and posts.


Automated In-Line Remediation

Utilize APIs to automatically moderate content posted to official social media channels and corporate or executive accounts.


OnWatch Alert Managed Services

Rely on a 24x7 SOC team that triages, reviews and validates social media threat alerts across one dozen platforms.

Threat Remediation at Scale

Extensive Network Coverage

ZeroFox monitors and alerts for threats across the most widely used global and regional social media networks such as:

  • Twitter
  • Meta/Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
  • Weibo
  • Tencent QQ
  • VK
Extensive Network Coverage
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Understand the four categories of Social Media and Digital Risk

Want a better understanding of why social media security is crucial for protecting your brands, domains, and people?  Download the ZeroFox white paper: “A Taxonomy of Digital Threats: A Framework for Understanding Digital Threat Types, Attack Tactics, and Risk Protection Strategies.”

Elden Hamada, Director of IT Security at the University of Nevada - Las Vegas

ZeroFox is a pure play in the social media security arena. They have the staffing to back up their marketing materials. They function as an extension of my security department and provide 24/7 monitoring of our social media footprint.

Social media protection is a vital issue for modern business.


in global revenue is now generated annually from cybercrimes on social media


of all cyberattacks today involve brand impersonation


in losses annually for Executive impersonations to enterprises

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Social media security is the process by which organizations protect the integrity of their brand and executive presence on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn; and across dozens of emerging online communities where discussions are had, information is gathered, stories are shared and decisions are made.


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