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Impersonation detection and remediation

Fraudulent social profiles, impersonating email accounts and spoofed domains are at the center of almost all digital cyber attacks. These fake digital assets are used to launch multi-platform phishing campaigns, customer fraud and scams, distribute counterfeit and pirated content, traffic in stolen intellectual property and perpetrate complex social engineering attacks. Attack the root of the digital security problem with ZeroFOX's AI powered impersonation detection capabilities, leveraging advanced image analysis and industry leading takedown capabilities. Don't be complacent knowing the fraud exists, dismantle and takedown the fakes before they can do damage.


Impersonation and Fraud Protection

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Automated detection across social, email and web

Identify fraudulent profiles on social media platforms, impersonating email accounts, and spoofed domains in real-time

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Dismantle and takedown fraud and attack infrastructure

Takedown social profiles, dismantle email infrastructure and shut down spoofed domains with the industry-leading automated takedown capability

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Stop fraud and scams in their tracks

Keep customers safe when engaging with your brand by eliminating digital fraud in their inbox, social medial, mobile app stores, and across the web

Own Your Digital Presence, Stop Impersonations

See how ZeroFOX protects account and site owners, employees and online communities against impersonations.

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