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Block phishing attacks against your customers and employees. 

Modern phishing attacks require modern anti-phishing techniques

Phishing campaigns aren’t new. But the low barrier of entry and increased availability of stolen data have pushed adversaries to evolve their tactics to avoid traditional security controls. Threat actors leverage everything from business email compromise and fake giveaways across a variety of platforms, tricking your customers and employees and eroding their trust in your brand. Traditional techniques, like anti-phishing software, require a modern spin to help stop these phishing scams and cut them off at the source.

Why are Phishing Attacks so Dangerous?

From the tech novice to the seasoned IT professional, everyone is susceptible to phishing attacks. These digital attacks exploit human behavior with surprisingly well-crafted and convincing real-world problems. Successful phishing attacks can wreak havoc on your business and customers alike by stealing and selling personal and proprietary information. Customers expect businesses they use to keep their information secure which is one of the many reasons this type of impersonation attack can so easily tarnish your company’s reputation.

Disrupt phishing campaigns wherever they are with anti-phishing software

Anyone, even the most tech-savvy of us, can become a victim of a phishing and fraud campaign. Don’t leave phishing scams to chance. ZeroFox phishing protection software empowers security teams to identify and disrupt phishing campaigns, including cross-platform attacks, wherever your business operates. Don’t just block phishing sites – take down the phishing infrastructure and stop attackers at the source.

Why you need ZeroFox Anti-Phishing Software

Phishing attacks continue to evolve rapidly as a form of social engineering that lead to data mining and data breaches.


Cyber criminals use social engineering in 98% of cyber attacks.


The number of new phishing websites grew 3X every month last year.


83% of organizations have experienced more than one data breach.

Phishing attacks are the most common and effective cause of breaches. ZeroFox is putting an end to that.

No other phishing solution offers the same ability to identify and stop phishing attacks as ZeroFox. Our AI-powered platform, together with our Global Disruption Network, quickly identifies and stops phishing, fraud campaigns, and malware-based attacks that target your people and customers. Additionally, only ZeroFox works on your behalf to dismantle the infrastructure behind phishing campaigns, and remove malicious phishing sites from Internet Service Providers, web search engines, and social media sites.

ZeroFox anti-phishing tools vs. the competition: ZeroFox wins, hands down.

Threat actors are targeting your customers every day. Don’t just block them, take down the phishing infrastructure at its source. 

Using DMARC and abuse inbox monitoring, you can protect your customers and employees wherever they engage – even on social media. 

Stop cross-platform phishing attacks in their tracks, whether a Linkedin campaign, phishing site, or BEC attack.

Kick your phishing protection up a notch and intercept, block, and deny malicious attacks with:

Protect your organization, reputation, and revenue against targeted attacks including phishing, impersonations, fraud, and piracy.

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Safeguard owned websites through identification and remediation of impersonating domains, trademark infringement, and spoofing.

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Threat activity originates beyond your corporate perimeter. So should your cybersecurity program. Protect your brand from the outside-in.

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