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Anti-Phishing Software

Block phishing attacks against your customers and employees. 

Modern phishing attacks require modern anti-phishing techniques

Phishing campaigns aren’t new. But the low barrier of entry and increased availability of compromised credentials have pushed adversaries to evolve their tactics to avoid traditional security controls. Threat actors now regularly deploy a variety of tactics and techniques to trick customers and employees, including cloaked URLs, spoofed websites, hijacked domains, embedded malware sites, and fake social media accounts. The engagement with malicious domains, or any associated phishing emails, can lead to data leakage and credential theft, erode trust in your brand, cause financial harm, and damage your reputation. Traditional anti-phishing software reacts to phishing attacks when it's too late, at the email or SMS text level. It does not stop the threat at the source - the malicious domain itself.

Why are Phishing Attacks so Dangerous?

Phishing is involved in over 90% of cyberattacks worldwide. From the tech novice to the seasoned IT professional, everyone is susceptible to phishing because of a threat actor's ability to exploit human behavior with surprisingly well-crafted and convincing messages. Email and SMS are well documented as the primary threat vectors for phishing. However, what is less known is that a malicious domain is almost always required as a precursor to launch a phishing campaign. Without the ability to cut off the root cause of phishing attacks, businesses put their internal and customer-facing assets at heightened risk. In today's digital-first world, customers expect businesses to keep their information secure, which is one of the many reasons why a phishing attack can so easily tarnish your company’s reputation.

ZeroFox is helping make phishing history

Together with Google Cloud, ZeroFox is the founding partner in an initiative to end phishing attacks and malicious URLs across 5 billion devices worldwide.


Disrupt phishing campaigns at the root with anti-phishing software

Anyone, even the most tech-savvy of us, can become a victim of phishing and fraud. Don’t leave phishing scams to chance. ZeroFox domain phishing protection empowers security teams to identify and disrupt phishing at its root cause. Don’t just block phishing sites – take down the phishing infrastructure and stop attackers at the source.

Why you need ZeroFox Anti-Phishing Software

Phishing attacks continue to evolve rapidly as a form of social engineering that lead to data mining and data breaches. Recent data shows:


Cyber criminals use social engineering in 98% of cyber attacks.


Increase in phishing attacks since 2020.


Increase in domain security alerts.

Phishing attacks are the most common and effective cause of breaches. ZeroFox is putting an end to that.

No other phishing solution offers the same ability to identify and stop phishing at the domain-level. Our AI-powered platform, together with our Global Disruption Network, helps stop phishing, fraud campaigns, and malware-based attacks that target your people and customers. Now featuring improved phishing detection by ingesting customer web logs and discovering cloaked websites. Additionally, only ZeroFox works on your behalf to dismantle the infrastructure behind phishing campaigns, and remove malicious phishing sites from Internet Service Providers, web search engines, registrars, hosts and social media sites.

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ZeroFox anti-phishing tools vs. the competition: ZeroFox wins, hands down.

Identify and Disrupt Phishing Campaigns

Threat actors are targeting your customers every day. Don’t just block them, take down the phishing infrastructure at its source.

AI-Enabled Anti-Phishing Protection

Leverage powerful AI-enabled technologies such as natural language processing, OCR, and image comparison for fast and comprehensive anti-phishing protection. Counteract cloaked phishing attacks using advanced tactics like IP block lists, geo-location targeting and mobile-only targeting.

Comprehensive Digital Coverage

Stop multi-channel phishing attacks in their tracks, whether it’s a Linkedin campaign, phishing site, or fake mobile app.


Kick your phishing protection up a notch and intercept, block, and deny malicious attacks with:


Protect your organization, reputation, and revenue against targeted attacks including phishing, impersonations, fraud, and piracy.

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Safeguard owned websites through identification and remediation of impersonating domains, trademark infringement, and spoofing.

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Threat activity originates beyond your corporate perimeter. So should your cybersecurity program. Protect your brand from the outside-in.

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Frequently asked questions

Anti-phishing refers to the act of removing phishing attacks across platforms, including social media, domains and more. Anti-phishing software is designed to detect phishing attacks targeting your customers and employees and remove them at scale. This includes not only blocking phishing domains, deleting associated posts, but also removing the attacker infrastructure to thwart future phishing attacks.