Anti-Phishing Software

Anti-Phishing Software

Stop targeted phishing and fraud campaigns

Modern Phishing Attacks Require Modern Anti-Phishing Techniques

While phishing campaigns are nothing new, attackers have become more sophisticated in both the tactics and the platforms they leverage to conduct phishing attacks. Using tactics as diverse as Business Email Compromise and fake giveaways, across platforms as diverse as Office 365, GSuite, Facebook and Linkedin, security teams need a scalable method to quickly identify and thwart phishing attacks before they reach employees and customers.

Disrupt Phishing Campaigns Wherever They Are With Anti-Phishing Software

ZeroFOX leverages AI-powered technology to quickly identify and remediate phishing, fraud campaigns and malware-based attacks. Whether through email, social media or malicious domains, ZeroFOX quickly spots phishing links, sites, and posts, working on your behalf to not only stop phishing campaigns but dismantle the infrastructure behind those campaigns.

Identify and dismantle <br>phishing campaigns

Identify and dismantle
phishing campaigns

Don’t just block, take down the phishing infrastructure being used to target employees and customers.

Anti-Phishing protection where <br>you engage

Anti-Phishing protection where
you engage

Protect your customers inbox and your business integrity, through DMARC and abuse inbox monitoring.

Comprehensive <br>digital coverage

digital coverage

Ensure cross-platform phishing attacks are stopped in their tracks, whether a Linkedin campaign, phishing site or BEC attack.

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Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Protect your organization, reputation, and revenue against targeted attacks including phishing, impersonations, fraud and piracy.

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Domain Protection

Domain Protection

Protect owned websites through identification and remediation of impersonating domains, trademark infringement, and spoofing.

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Advanced Email Protection

Advanced Email Protection

Thwart BEC and phishing campaigns, taking down malicious domains to keep employees and customers protected.

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