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ZeroFOX for Healthcare

Protect patient health data
across the public attack surface

The challenge for modern healthcare organizations

Healthcare & pharmaceutical organizations harbor huge volumes of sensitive or protected data. They also have a massive footprint and attack surface on public platforms, including mobile apps and social media — all of which is largely ungoverned, unmonitored and unprotected by the existing security perimeter — exposing these organizations to targeted cyber attacks, data loss, employee scams, compliance violations and account takeovers.


Protect patients and maintain compliance

Exploiting people to extort sensitive information or gain access to critical systems has become commonplace. Targeted cyber attacks now hit vulnerable individuals via rogue mobile apps and on social media, including patients, doctors, staff and more. ZeroFOX provides healthcare organizations with critical exposure visibility, compliance reporting & automated protection necessary to secure external social media and digital platforms. Using diverse data sources, artificial intelligence-based analysis and automated remediation, the ZeroFOX Platform mitigates risk, monitors for compliance violations, identifies patient scams, takes down spoofed accounts, and protects against targeted cyber attacks.

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Protection for the Healthcare Industry

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Data Loss and Breach Prevention

Prevent critical information leakage and the spread of sensitive data by identifying breaches and quickly taking action

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Critical Visibility and Control

Immediately see beyond traditional government networks to catch data leaks, organizational risk and targeted attacks faster

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Scalable, Automated Analysis and Remediation

Leverage artificial intelligence and automation to reduce time-intensive collection, analysis and remediation

Protect Patient Data and Intellectual Property

See how ZeroFOX protects the healthcare industry keep their data secure, quickly identify breaches, and tackle targeted attacks.

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Protect Your

Public Attack Surface

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