ZeroFOX for Information Security Teams

Stop external threats,
achieve omnichannel visibility

The InfoSecurity challenge

Across organizations, business units rely on public platforms to communicate internally and externally, share and review code, sell products and grow business. These platforms exist outside the realm of traditional security tools, requiring a new method of thinking, and a new protection solution.

Omnichannel visibility

ZeroFOX protects organizations across their public attack surface - identifying information leaked on the dark web, email phishing attacks targeting employees, spoofed domains and impersonating accounts. Combined with robust threat intelligence, ZeroFOX offers the visibility, analysis and remediation InfoSec teams need to address a new era of threats.

Actionable threat intelligence

Enhance threat and security intelligence programs by leveraging the expertise within ZeroFOX’s Alpha Team. The ZeroFOX Alpha Team focuses on providing complete threat intelligence on modern adversaries, external attacks and their digital indicators that traditional threat intelligence providers lack. ZeroFOX transforms raw threat intelligence into ‘actionable’ intelligence - and then takes action on your behalf to increase security team efficiency and effectiveness.

ZeroFOX for Information Security Teams

icon for Security Intelligence

Automated collection, analysis and remediation of threats

Save time by leveraging automation to scour potentially malicious accounts and posts

icon for Advisories and Breaking News

Actionable insight on top threats, targets, vulnerabilities and trends

Measure and report on risks to your business, people and brands

icon for Integrated IoCs

Remediation capabilities to directly address threats

Receive more than alerts - ZeroFOX takes action on your behalf to remediate threats

Protect Your Public Attack Surface

See how ZeroFOX tackles the toughest cybersecurity challenges, from data leakage and breaches to phishing and malware with full public attack surface visibility, actionable intelligence and remediation.

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