ZeroFOX for Retail

Digital sales are on the rise,
so are digital attacks

Protect online revenue

With the rise of online shopping, cybercriminals have equal access to consumers as retailers themselves, engaging through malicious domains, counterfeit goods, scams and impersonations. Retailers need to be aware of these threats in order to protect hard-earned revenue and safeguard customers.


Stop coupon and gift card scams

Retailers must recognize that with the digital transformation of shopping trends globally, they must address inherent risks that come with the use of public platforms. While attacker goals remain unchanged - stolen revenue and brand damage, primarily - the sources of attack and tactics used have modernized. ZeroFOX identifies popular retail scams like fake coupons and fraudulent domains, alerts you and takes action on your behalf to remediate those threats.

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Protection for the Retail Industry

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Identify and Remediate Counterfeits

Prevent revenue loss and customer dissatisfaction from the spread of counterfeit goods

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Stop Brand Impersonations and Rogue Accounts

Find and remove fake accounts and websites impersonating your brand and tricking customers

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Protect Customers from Scams

Safeguard consumers and product endorsers from scammers and fake accounts capitalizing on their brand loyalty

Protect Brand, Products and Consumers

See how ZeroFOX protects the retail industry from scams, impersonations and counterfeits across the public attack surface.

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