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Securing Retail & CPG against cyber threats

With the popularity of online shopping, cybercriminals have gained unprecedented access to your brand and customers. They run scams on your business, supply chain, and employees through counterfeit goods, impersonated accounts and sites, and fake promotions which result in a loss of revenue and consumer trust. In-person loss prevention is not enough. You need a way to prevent attacks to your customers online, whether through websites, social media apps, or other forums.

Why retail cybersecurity threats happen

Retail brands are common targets for cybercriminals because of the wealth of easily accessible digital assets that make it simple to create counterfeit goods, impersonating websites, and targeted scams. Using these tactics, bad actors gain access to customer or employee PII, which is then sold on the deep and dark web. This matters because over 65% of consumers report losing trust in a brand when they are targeted in a scam. Retailers must be prepared for these threats to protect revenue and safeguard customers.

Stop scams and counterfeits before they reach your customers.

ZeroFox identifies popular retail scams, alerts you, and takes action on your behalf to remediate the threats. Now you can take down the fraudulent infrastructure and stop attackers at the source.

Protect revenue (and customers) from digital attacks

Over half of the world’s population uses the internet to research brands, products, and services before ever making a decision. That’s what attackers are counting on.


The percentage of social media users looking online for brand information daily.


The percentage of people who disengage with a brand’s community after only one exposure to a toxic impersonation.


The percentage of people who lose all trust in a brand after experiencing a breach due to an impersonation attack.

What are different types of retail scams?

Digital attacks happen across a variety of spaces online, including: 

  • Fraudulent shopping apps
  • Typosquatting and impersonating websites that divert traffic from your site
  • Malicious domains and social media pages
  • Sites trafficking counterfeit goods

ZeroFox retail cybersecurity tools: scammers have met their match.


Retail cybersecurity measures can prevent revenue loss and customer dissatisfaction from the spread of counterfeit goods.


Find and remove fake accounts and websites impersonating your brand and tricking customers.


Safeguard consumers and brand ambassadors from scammers and fake accounts capitalizing on their brand loyalty.

Stop letting scammers get away with it. Explore our retail solutions.


Protect your retail brand and online revenue streams against scams and impersonations.

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Take down stolen or fake versions of your products before they reach customers and damage reputation.

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Protect retail websites against spoofing domains siphoning your revenue and web traffic.

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