Cybersecurity Solutions for Public Sector

Protect government officials, contractors, and civilians from external cyberattacks 

The growing threats of cyber attacks on government agencies

Whether due to geopolitical conflicts, economic constraints, or political motivations, the government is often a target of cyberattacks. These attacks include political impersonations, military scams, misinformation and disinformation campaigns, and phishing and malware attacks. From local to federal agencies, cybersecurity teams must protect large amounts of data as well as government employees and elected officials – all while implementing Zero Trust Architecture.

Digital-first protection for a digital-first world

Cyberattacks target virtually anyone or any enterprise operating outside the corporate perimeter, including employees, contractors, and constituents. Public platforms like social media, along with deep and dark web forums, have increased the attack surface and introduced new cyber risks. With an increase in account impersonations and takeovers, fraud, email compromise, data leakage, and physical threats, government agencies need modern security solutions to tackle a new era of threats.

Protect employees, constituents, and information from cyberattacks.

Using diverse data sources, artificial intelligence-based analysis, and automated remediation, the ZeroFox Platform reduces fraud, takes down spoofed accounts, protects against targeted cyber attacks, and identifies non-compliant content.

Public Sector is big business for bad actors

Significant cyberattacks were committed against governments in the last year.


Reports have been filed with the FTC since 2018 by service members, government employees, & their families.

$ M

Total losses due to government impersonation scams, expected to double annually.

Attacks on the public sector are planned online in advance. We can help you find and stop them, fast.

Gain critical awareness as soon as possible about threats that are planned or have already occurred.

Identify critical information leakage and stop the spread of sensitive data and breaches.

Extend visibility beyond the firewall to public platforms like social media, domains, email, deep, and dark web.

Stop cyberattacks on the government. Explore our public sector solutions.

Protect key personnel against spearphishing, impersonations, account hacking, and threats of violence.

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Find sensitive, proprietary, and stolen information leaked on the surface, deep, and dark web.

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Find and remove fake accounts pretending to be elected officials and politicians online. 

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