Account Takeover Protection

Stop takeover attempts before they have a chance to wreak havoc on your brand or customers.

Account takeovers provide attackers audience and opportunity

Your company operates in the gray space – democratized sites where customers, brands, and threat actors interact – social media platforms, forums, chat apps, and email. Every new follower introduces the opportunity for adversaries to reach your audience, making social profiles a prime target for account hijacking. Account takeover protection helps prevent takeover attacks through early detection and disruption, putting the power to protect your brand back in your hands.

Tackle online hijackers with account takeover protection

Imagine a world where you are alerted of an account takeover attempt in real-time. Account takeover protection safeguards your corporate and executives’ social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other global social media platforms by quickly alerting you to early warning signs that something is amiss. Automatically raise a red flag to major profile changes and erratic posting for any specified account.

You connect with customers on social media. So do your adversaries.

Public platforms are exactly that – public. Anyone can see which platforms you use which is great when it’s customers, but a problem when it’s threat actors. Account takeover protection monitors a variety of accounts under parameters you specify, flagging only the most relevant content for review with actionable next steps.

What’s the big deal with account takeovers?


The average amount a company is targeted on social media daily


The percent increase in account takeover attacks in the last 2 years


The percentage of people who lose all trust in a brand after an impersonation attack

Why ZeroFox for account takeover protection? We pull off the mask on impersonators.

In the event of hacked social profiles, quickly identify indicators of compromise (IOCs) before significant damage can be done.

Protect against compliance violations, offensive content, or even the accidental sharing of sensitive information with automated content moderation.

Don’t end up in tomorrow’s headlines. Ensure your corporate IT assets remain in your control with account takeover protection.

Stop impersonators in their tracks. Explore our account takeover protection solutions.

Protect your organization, reputation, and revenue against targeted attacks including phishing, impersonations, fraud, and piracy.

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Protect your key people against spear phishing attacks, impersonations, account hacking, threats, violence, and more.

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Thwart phishing attacks by dismantling domain infrastructure and removing fraudulent emails and social media posts.

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