ZeroFox Protection
ZeroFox Protection

See and secure
critical external assets
with the industry's leading digital risk protection, now with robust External Attack Surface Management

Stop cyber attackers in their tracks and shut down external threats to your domains, brands, internet infrastructure, and people — before lasting damage is done. 

Modern organizations demand modern security.

Today’s cyber attackers are looking beyond perimeter-based network systems and devices to target organizations through vulnerable digital assets and people. It’s time to detect, expose, and disrupt these external threats before attacks become breaches.

Find emerging and multi-channel threats wherever they exist.
Discover exposed internet-facing assets and continuously correlate known vulnerabilities.
Stop brand, domain and executive impersonations.
Prevent account takeovers, credential theft and data leaks.
Disrupt scams, fraud, phishing, and IP abuse.
Take down malicious domains, homoglyphs, trademark infringements, typo-squats and spoofs.
Quit exhausting your resources on time-consuming, manual remediation efforts.
Automatically address issues across more than 100 networks (and growing).
Respond and recover, rapidly and thoroughly.
Visibility and control to
identify and defeat threats
Automation and ease of management
Digital risk protection solutions should remove tasks from your security teams’ to-do lists, not add them.
AI-based tools
AI identifies risky content rapidly, by searching through millions of posts, images, and information available on public platforms.
Global threat intelligence and research
Immediate, trusted intelligence, tailored to help them make informed security decisions.

ZeroFox is

#1 in Digital Risk Protection

One unified Digital Risk Protection Platform. Seven powerful solutions. Designed to integrate into your existing security tools and workflows so you can protect:

Attack Surface Management

Gain complete visibility and control to identify and defeat threats across your critical external attack surface, with full-spectrum discovery and remediation prioritization of internet-facing assets.

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Continuously correlate and analyze exposures and rapidly prioritize critical mitigation and remediation decisions.

Reduce risk from Shadow IT, misconfigurations, software supply chains, and other unknown and unmanaged assets exposed to the internet.

Complement ZeroFox’s industry-leading digital risk protection to discover, analyze, and prioritize remediation for vulnerabilities across your most critical internet-facing assets.

ZeroFox gives you unmatched visibility into the external attack surface


Unique assets monitored daily


Brands protected across social channels

Dark web forums monitored constantly


Ongoing correlation of vulnerabilities to asset exposures

Digital Risk Protection for any industry

The world’s most iconic brands trust ZeroFox to protect their revenue, reputation, and customer engagement.

Four of the Fortune 10 and hundreds of the Global 2000 across all industries choose ZeroFox to secure their vulnerable assets from threats that target public platforms outside their security perimeter.

Financial Services
Retail & CPG
Media, Sports & Entertainment

"The ZeroFox platform has been a tremendous help in our digital brand and protection journey. Their speed of detection of potentially malicious domains has helped us take information they find and directly input it to our systems to protect our colleagues. I look at the ZeroFox portal almost daily and its fast and easy."

Erik Hart
Chief Information Security Officer at Cushman and Wakefield

ZeroFox in action

Total Defense Against Digital Threats Outside Your Perimeter.

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Digital Risk Protection is an essential component of corporate security that sources advanced threat intelligence to protect vulnerable external assets, such as brands, domains, and people, from threats that originate outside of the perimeter - on social media and across the surface, deep, and dark webs.

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