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The challenge for technology firms

Technology and ecommerce firms have a massive public attack surface — all of which is protected either by manual controls or remains entirely ungoverned and unmonitored — exposing organizations and their customers to phishing, information leakage, license piracy, scams and reputational risks. With so much spent on digital engagement and ecommerce, technology firms need to protect that critical investment from widespread digital threats.

Protect against phishing and data leakage

ZeroFox provides technology firms with the critical visibility, controls and automated protections necessary to secure customers, brands and executives across the public attack surface. The ZeroFox Platform uses diverse data sources, artificial intelligence- based analysis, customizable FoxScripts and automated remediation to protect organizations against targeted phishing, information leakage and BEC attacks.

Identify information leakage <br>and IP damage

Identify information leakage
and IP damage

Stop the loss of intellectual property and secure confidential customer information from breaches.

Stop phishing <br>campaigns

Stop phishing

Detect phishing URLs and remove offending accounts and email addresses.

Take down attacker <br>infrastructure

Take down attacker

Remediate threats at the source with takedowns across social media, emails, domains, paste sites and more.

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Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Protect your organization, reputation, and revenue against targeted attacks including phishing, impersonations, fraud and piracy.

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Domain Protection

Domain Protection

Protect owned websites through identification and remediation of impersonating domains, trademark infringement, and spoofing.

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Data Leakage Detection

Data Leakage Detection

Find sensitive, proprietary and stolen information leaked on the surface, deep and dark web that exposes your brand and executives.

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