PII Removal

Prevent attacks by removing exposed executive and employee personal data from Google searches and data broker sites

PII Removal

What is PII Removal?

In today’s digital world, our personal information proliferates online. There are more than 100 data brokers collecting this personal data about millions of people, including full names, home and email addresses, phone numbers, income and medical information, and much more. Ongoing monitoring and removal of this PII from broker sites and Google searches protects the executive, employee, and the organization from cyber and physical threats.

Why is PII Removal important?

With PII readily available through a Google search or visible to threat actors on a data broker site, organizations are at increased risk of phishing, social engineering attacks, doxxing, swatting, and impersonation risks. Phishing alone accounts for almost one-third of all data breaches. Removing this PII hardens your organization’s attack surfaces, reduces your breach risks, and protects your executives and employees.

ZeroFox eliminates the threat of widely accessible PII falling into the wrong hands.


Data broker sites are monitored and removal is automatic


Of PII results are removed within the first 30 days


Hours saved to manually remove information for each person

Enterprise Layer of Protection

  • Harden your attack surfaces by reducing information used to target your executives and your employees
  • Reduce breach risks by removing online personal information that puts your organization at risk
  • Deliver peace of mind to executives and employees with protection from targeted attacks, harassment, and scams
  • Detect personal information quickly and efficiently on data broker sites
  •  Manage your organization’s PII removals to stay apprised of where the PII has been removed

Identify and Remove Risks Quickly

  • Ongoing monitoring of more than 100 data broker sites for personal information bought and sold online
  • Automatic removal of personal information from people search sites
  • Simple deployment to quickly get monitoring and removal up and running and provide behind-the scenes protection for executives and employees
  • Delivered reports to easily track PII removal status from each data broker site

Roll Back the Risk PII Poses to your organization


Of successful data breaches involve phishing techniques


Most expensive data breach attack vector is phishing


Records are held by just one data broker

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