ZeroFOX for Education

Safeguard your school online

Modern security challenges

With the prolific use of social media and other public platforms, educational institutions face a massive attack surface which is impossible to manually monitor with limited staff. ZeroFOX provides the educational community an automated way to gain visibility and protect from physical threats, cyber bullying, and reputational harm.


Protect your campus community

The ZeroFOX Platform provides educational institutions with the critical and continuous visibility they need to protect students, staff and campuses from internal and external threats originating online. Physical threats often manifest themselves online before an attack – ZeroFOX assists school staff to escalate violence alerts during major campus events. ZeroFOX uses powerful AI to automate the monitoring, analysis and alerting giving you 24×7 coverage Improve security without burdening your limited staff.

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Protection for the Education Industry

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Create Safe, Constructive Learning Environments

Get insights non-intrusively into social sentiment and school-related dialog. Alert on and remediate offensive content and help reduce cyber-bullying

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Protect Students and Applicants From Scams

Ensure safe student engagement on social media by finding and taking down fraudsters, impersonators, fake diplomas and other applicant scams at scale

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Early Insight Into Indicators of Physical Attacks

Gain critical awareness as soon as possible about imminent threats of violence

Protect Campuses and Schools

See how ZeroFOX protects K-12 schools and colleges and universities from targeted attacks, IP leakage, impersonations and more.

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