Zerofox Adversary Disruption
Zerofox Adversary Disruption

End emergent and multi-channel threats for good

Stop threat actors from compromising external assets for profit and leveraging them to gain new ways to access your corporate environment with the industry’s #1 solution for blocking, taking down, and remediating digital threats.

Total Disruption. Less Effort.

Unparalleled leader in rapidly blocking and taking down threats at scale.

ZeroFox is the undisputed leader in blocking and taking down violating and malicious content at scale. We execute more than two million in-house takedowns a year – with a success rate greater than 95% – and facilitate more than eight million disruption actions annually through in-line remediations and malicious content blocking in coordination with our Global Disruption Network partners.

Leverage the best of automation and expertise

Ensure rapid response with an automated threat submission process, partner integrations, and a dedicated team of in-house takedown analysts.


Successful takedowns performed annually


Disruption Actions Performed Annually


Success Rate For Social Media impersonation Takedowns

Disrupt adversaries and take down external threats

Universal Takedowns

Eliminate malicious and infringing sites and risky content definitively and with ease. ZeroFox’s platform automation and team of dedicated in-house takedown analysts quickly process and submit takedown requests to remediate threats on your behalf. ZeroFox disruption analysts work directly with source providers to expediently remove violating content with transparent takedown reporting, tracking, and status updates.

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Remove malicious and spoofed domains and impersonating social media accounts.

Terminate fraudulent mobile apps, marketplace listings, and more.

Eliminate sites and content that infringe on copyright or IP and violate terms of service.

Full Scale Coverage

The World's Most Iconic Brands Trust ZeroFox

To protect their revenue, customer engagement and reputation.

Four of the Fortune 10 and hundreds of the Global 2000 across all industries choose ZeroFox to disrupt and takedown threats that target public platforms where businesses and customers intersect.

Financial Services
Media, Sports & Entertainment
Public Sector

ZeroFox in action

Total Defense Against Digital Threats Outside Your Perimeter.


"We are proud to be an active partner in the ZeroFox Global Disruption Network. Using ZeroFox external threat intelligence on malicious IPs and domains helps our customers and connected communities prevent repeat attacks and disruption."

Chris Stewart, VP Global Alliances
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Adversary Disruption is ZeroFox’s unique solution for remediation of external threats. Not only does it provide a fully automated and managed solution for taking down malicious accounts, domains, and posts, with controls for inline content removal in corporate accounts, but it also takes further steps to proactively block emerging threats, file UDRP disputes, and remove PII from data broker sites. This multi-pronged approach to threat disruption is what sets ZeroFox’s Adversary Disruption apart.

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