Where Do Employees Experience the Most Cybercrime?

Where Do Employees Experience the Most Cybercrime?
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This shouldn’t surprise any of our readers, but humans are the weakest element in your security posture. If I am interested in gaining access to your systems, I am going to start with your people. This is why organizations deploy security technology where their people are most vulnerable, notably on their email, their business applications, web browsers and mobile devices.

Of these channels, where do employees experience the most cybercrime? It’s a mission critical question for security practitioners as they need provide security wherever it is the attacker is engaging the victim.

To answer this question, we look at a few surveys from leading security research firms Wombat, Norton, Barracuda, McAfee/Intel and more. McAfee and Stratecast report that employees experience cybercrime on social media more than any other business platform, including email and file sharing. The difference is not small, nearly a quarter of employees report attacks on social media; the next highest is filesharing at 16%.

Norton backs up this evidence as well, reporting that 40% of people have fallen victim to social media cybercrime and nearly 4 in 10 accept unknown, unsolicited friend requests. Additionally,  Barracuda’s research supports this conclusion: 92% of social media users report receiving spam, 54% have received phishing links, 23% malware, and nearly 20% have had an account hacked.

Late in 2016, Wombat Security published a report showing that end users struggle the most with “using social media safely” above all other categories, such as password quality, mobile devices and protecting data.

So if employees experience the most security incidents on social media, where is all the protection? Where is the penetration testing? Where is the security training? Where are the detection tools?

That’s the challenge ZeroFox is helping to solve. We offer the world’s only employee protection platform to help every employee safeguard their own social presence, the world’s only social media penetration test, and the world’s most robust social media training programs.

To learn more about how to protect your employees on social media, talk to a ZeroFox expert today.

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