The Fox at RSA: Year 3

fox at rsa

RSA was a wild week of presentations and demo stations, badge scans and shaken hands, code crackers, corporate backers and white hat hackers (we hope). Our feet hurt and our voices are scratchy, but we couldn’t have asked for a more invigorating week; despite the exhaustion, ZeroFox has never been more enthusiastic about solving the dynamic challenges posed by social media.

The week taught us several important things:

First, the industry has hit an inflection point and organizations now fully understand the full scope of the social media security problem. People no longer ask what ZeroFox does, but rather how we solve their use case. As social media continues to do wonders for organizations’ marketing, customer success and sales departments, risk and IT security professionals are grappling with the myriad of threats and risk challenges it presents.

Second, the security industry is booming, for better or for worse. On one hand, the energy in the community is infectious. Some of the smartest people on the planet are pouring immense time, effort and money into tackling major problems. On the other hand, clearly there are challenges that have yet to be addressed. The security industry is always a step behind when it comes to digital threats; as new and dynamic vectors emerge, we hope the defense continues to step up their game.

Third, we’ve come a long long way. ZeroFox was founded in 2013, which makes this our 3rd RSA conference. Year one, we had a folding table and a computer screen. Year 2 we had a 10×20. This year we had a 20×20, a giant hanging logo and the winner of the mascot contest, Zero the fox! We’re incredibly thankful to be surrounded by such a great community of partners, investors and fellow security experts dedicated to solving these dynamic challenges.
You can count on Zero the fox at RSA strutting the halls for years to come.

fox at rsa

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