What is Corporate Security?

What is Corporate Security?
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Physical location and personnel security has always existed as an acute problem, but only in recent years have we witnessed the wider spread problem of physical violence and other threats presented on social media and digital channels. As more company executives share their locations and events via social media it is more important than ever that these locations and VIPs are protected.

Corporate Security has a crucial role to play - to help bridge the physical and cyber worlds - and use the combined intelligence to improve situational awareness and threat readiness. Knowing which executives, VIPs and physical locations that may have exposure based on online discussion - whether it be threats of violence, unrest, protests, or simply curiosity - is extremely valuable to appropriately prepare and, when needed, take swift action.

Corporate Security in the age of social media sharing means proactively identifying and protecting against risks and threats to VIPs, executives, employees and locations originating online. VIPs, executives & their families expose their travel plans, receive threats of exploitation or violence and can fall victim to scammers. 10% of Americans reported experiencing physical threats online, according to a recent survey conducted by Pew Research Center. Further, the responsibility to protect followers - fans, customers, partners, supporters - from harm, be it physical or digital, falls increasingly on Corporate Security teams. Within this era of heightened tensions and extreme discourse, the burden couldn’t be larger.

Wrestling with Big Data

Corporate Security practitioners have responded to this need by layering on threat ‘intelligence’ (with varying success), leveraging multiple intelligence sources (and the vendor ecosystem that has flourished around them), as well as big data tools to capture and analyze the huge troves of data flowing from an exponentially growing source of sensors, cameras, detectors, behavioral agents, etc. Married to rules-based analysis and machine learning, this vast risk monitoring fabric can inform, but more often than not, also confuses and overwhelms. The result is a cacophony impossible to interpret, let alone act upon.

The dissolving perimeter, adoption of IoT, and rapid move to the cloud are exacerbating the situation, and security is struggling just to keep pace, let alone integrate the vast social and digital channel vector where so many of today’s exploits originate and proliferate. Given the volume of social dialog (or monolog, depending on your perspective) how do you sort the innocuous banter from real threats within digital channels?

Filling the Void

ZeroFox gives CorpSec teams near real-time visibility into threats referencing your office buildings, facilities, events, and other corporate assets and helps you protect executives, suppliers, customers, employees and fans from physical risks expressed on social media and digital channels. Using a nifty mapping feature (with the ease of google maps), users can control which areas they are most interested in monitoring for threats - be it offices, venues, campuses, or other locations that are targeted.

With ZeroFox Location Protection, users can precisely configure multiple locations that belong to or are associated with protected entities (the residence of your CEO, for instance). Using powerful AI, threats are identified and alerted quickly, providing true visibility into dynamic social data for situational awareness - what corporate security teams desire but often lack. This also enables Corporate Security teams to pinpoint threats and more precisely focus their threat response actions - based on highly-honed and contextually relevant information.

Having full visibility - across the entire spectrum of digital and physical threats - along with the ability to correlate that information to targeted locations, allows Corp Sec teams to fine tune preparations and response. By doing so, they will optimize security spend on the most pressing threats and improve protection, reduce false positives, and unite the two security worlds - physical and cyber - to better protect their valued assets.

We’re curious how your role is evolving - take our Corporate Security Risk Assessment and tell us!

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