The Top RSA Talks We’re Excited For in 2017

The Top RSA Talks We’re Excited For in 2017
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RSA 2017 presentations are sure to represent some of the most cutting edge research in the security community. The bar for RSA talks is incredibly high and as such, we expect some of the best things you’ll hear all year in the infosec community come out of San Fran next week.

In no particular order, our top RSA talks are…

Session: High Performance Computing Will Make or Break Cybersecurity

Speaker: Dr. Phyllis Schneck

Time/ Location: February 14th; 1:15 - 2 PM; Moscone West 3014

Why We’re Excited: Making our networks self-detecting and self-healing? Sounds too good to be true. With cybersecurity capabilities improving yearly to combat the growing attack surface, taking a deep dive into supercomputers and where cybersecurity is headed is a must see for you forward looking security professionals.

Session: Automated Prevention of Ransomware with Machine Learning and GPOs

Speaker: Rod Soto, Joseph Zadeh

Time/ Location: February 14th; 3:45 - 4:30 PM; Moscone North 131

Why We’re Excited: Detecting a ransomware attack is not easy, as it has become one of the most popular forms of malware recently. This talk will cover a machine learning driven detection method that is coupled with the automated generation of Group Policy Objects. We’re excited to see what future applications this can be used for going forward.

Session: How to Improve Phishing Awareness 300% in 18 Months

Speaker: Emily Heath

Time/ Location: February 14th; 3:45-4:30 PM; Moscone West 2018

Why We’re Excited: As a security professional, you know phishing is a tried and true approach in breaching your corporate network. And what defense system that you have in place is your most at risk? Your employees. Take a deep dive into a corporate employee phishing awareness program which resulted in a 300% decrease in phishing related incidents.

Session: Applied ML: Defeating Modern Malicious Documents

Speaker: Evan Gaustad

Time/ Location: February 15th; 8-8:45 AM; Moscone South 307

Why We’re Excited: Using Microsoft Office documents to launch an attack is nothing new. But, as we’ve evolved, so have cybercriminals techniques. This talk will take a deep dive into new TTPs as well as go over some new machine learning approaches to analyze, detect and explore the output in Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Session: Applied Cognitive Security: Complementing the Security Analyst

Speaker: Vijay Dheap, Brant Hale

Time/ Location: February 15th; 9:15 - 10 AM; Moscone North 132

Why We’re Excited: Seemingly each day we hear of a new attack launched from a previously unknown source. Making it nearly impossible for security analysts to keep up with the changing landscape. A cognitive solution that can learn about security from both structured and unstructured sources is essential. Applying this will empower infosec professionals with insights to qualify incidents and investigate risks quickly and accurately.

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