ZeroFox at RSAC 2019

ZeroFox at RSAC 2019
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Are you headed to RSAC the first week of March? It’s the biggest information security conference of the year, and the ZeroFox team will be there! Meet us in the South Expo, Booth 1859 to discuss the latest trends in digital risk protection, learn about exciting, new ZeroFox Platform features, and snap a picture with Zero the Fox. Beyond the booth, ZeroFox CEO James Foster will be presenting three times at RSA this year. We’re excited to chat with you in the booth and see you in the presentation hall. Here’s the lowdown on all things ZeroFox and RSA.

Focusing on Engagement

This year at RSAC, we’re focusing on how to #EngageSecurely. Social and digital platforms offer a wealth of opportunity for businesses and organizations looking for brand exposure and increased revenue. At ZeroFox, we believe you should be able to capitalize fully on those opportunities, without fear of digital risk. ZeroFox exists to protect digital engagement, so you can grow business and #engagesecurely. Stop by the booth to learn more about how you can grow digital engagement knowing you’re protected.

Spotlighting New Features

RSAC is a great time to announce new ZeroFox Platform features. Since last year’s conference, we’ve made substantial investments in every area of our solution, from breadth of coverage to AI and human analysis, to remediation capabilities, and more. Here are a few of the highlights you’ll see at the booth:

  • Brand new UI/UX including a new dashboard that provides a unified, actionable view of digital threats across all platforms
  • Expanded data source coverage including web marketplaces, 100s of mobile app stores, code sharing sites like GitHub and BitBucket, collaboration tools, and more. Plus, we’ve released a new page within the ZeroFox Platform that provides a simple view of all the data sources we offer, allowing customers to easily see which data sources they have available
  • Extended Deep and Dark Web monitoring across new networks, forums, and covert communication channels to identify more threats in posts, comments, and chats
  • AI Computer Vision tools to provide accurate and efficient identification and analysis of threats in images, posts, and comments
  • Strong additions to the ZeroFox Alpha Team to research, respond and advise on digital threats. We’ve also added a new tab to the ZeroFox Platform to showcase the research and threat analysis conducted by the Alpha Team, come check it out.

We’ll be showing off all these features and more at Booth 1859, so make sure to stop by and schedule a demo.

Presenting on the Latest Digital Risks

Our very own CEO, James Foster, will be presenting 3 times at RSAC this year. Here are the presentation details and times:

Election Hacking Is No Longer Theoretical: Russians Are Pwning Our Votes
Presenter 1: James C. Foster, ZeroFox
Presenter 2: Avi Rubin, Professor, Johns Hopkins University
Description: Facebook is not to blame for nearly every country’s lack of guidance, regulation or legal precedent on how to secure their sovereignty from election meddling and hacking. This talk will show how nation-state adversaries are targeting election systems, election system supply chains, regional populations, elected officials and the democratic state.
Times: Thursday, Mar 07 | 08:00 A.M. - 08:50 A.M. and Friday, Mar 08 | 11:10 A.M. - 12:00 P.M

POTUS is Posting: Social Media and National Security
Presenter 1: James C. Foster, ZeroFox
Presenter 2: Kenneth Geers, Comodo
Description: The 2016 US Presidential Election, from Russian info ops to Trump tweets, demonstrates the almost limitless power of social media in the new national security landscape.
Time: Monday, Mar 04 | 08:30 A.M. - 05:40 P.M.

Just for Fun

We all know RSAC isn’t just about the presentations and booth demos. It can be a long four days so we want to have some fun while we’re there! Our very own foxy mascot, Zero the FOX will be at the booth posing and taking selfies - so make sure to come by and get a picture.

Are you a Charity Champion? ZeroFox is looking to do more this year at RSAC. If you stop by the booth and chat with the team, we’ll be donating to the charity of your choice.

If you’re attending RSAC in San Francisco March 4-8, we hope you’ll stop by the ZeroFox booth so we can show you these new features and trends in person. Planning your days ahead of time? Schedule a demo with the team here. See you in San Francisco!

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