ZeroFox + Simply Business

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ZeroFox + Simply Business

ZeroFox provides the timely, actionable intelligence to shore up Simply Business’s information security.


Executives Protected

ZeroFox protects 15 Simply Business executives from impersonation, account takeover, physical threats, and doxxing.


Escalated Alerts

ZeroFox escalated more than 150 high-value alerts during our partnership.


Alert Validation Rate

ZeroFox experts reviewed, validated, and deemed three-quarters of the alerts important enough to flag to the customer.

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Customer Profile

Simply Business is one of the UK'’s largest business insurance providers, specialising in public liability insurance for SMEs and insuring over 900,000 small businesses and landlords across the UK.


Financial services



Company size

1,000+ Employees

We were already using best practice, but with the help of ZeroFox, we’ve been able to ensure the protection of information from misuse, unauthorised access, disruption, or destruction. We’re delighted with the results.

Leena Gokal, Cyber Threat Intelligence Lead at Simply Business

The Challenge

Simply Business’s security team wanted to review their existing cyber security approach to boost threat detection and remediation. 

The Outcome

A proactive cybersecurity strategy powered by ZeroFox’s Digital Risk Protection (DRP) platform. Armed with accurate, of-the-moment intelligence, Simply Business’s security experts are continuing to ensure complete security of systems and data.

Before ZeroFox

As a business insurance broker, Simply Business understands the importance of securing companies from threats of all varieties. 

With their requirements in mind, the Simply Business Cyber Threat Intelligence team narrowed their choices down to two. During the POC process, ZeroFox offered hands-on support from the beginning, including refreshing Simply Business’s cyber threat policies and alerts, creating custom rules, and triaging alerts. 

“We had regular contact from ZeroFox even during the POC, and quick responses to any questions or issues we had,” says Leena Gokal, Cyber Threat Intelligence Lead at Simply Business. “Having that kind of support was very much appreciated whilst we worked together to define exactly how the system would work.”

With ZeroFox

ZeroFox’s platform continuously monitors the attack surface on Simply Business’s behalf, allowing for risks to quickly be identified and potential adversary activity to be intercepted before any systems become at risk. 

ZeroFox’s Digital Risk Protection services helped Simply Business to further improve their visibility and allowed them to quickly and robustly deal with threats. Using the platform, they’ve gained an even more comprehensive understanding of the company’s digital footprint, as well as the threat environment.

Simply Business + ZeroFox = An Unstoppable Team

Right now, Leena and her team rely on ZeroFox to provide tactical support. As the partnership evolves, the team continues to improve their processes and practices in order to ensure high levels of cybersecurity.

“We deeply understand our responsibility to our partners and our customers when it comes to cybersecurity. We believe that the ZeroFox platform is a great addition to our existing approach, as we continue to prioritise the safety, security and dependability of our systems and processes,” says Leena. 

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