Higher Education and K-12

Protect students, faculty and facilities from threats, physical or otherwise, originating online

Gain critical 24×7 visibility & early warning from social & online interactions to protect against threats of violence, cyber bullying, offensive content and more.  Keep your community safe without adding staff.

ZeroFOX is changing the way educational institutions are protecting themselves, their staff and their students. The ZeroFOX platform is a leap forward in how security and risk teams engage with the modern threat landscape.

Dr. Avi Rubin,
Information Security Institute

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What We Do

With the prolific use of social media, educational institutions face a massive attack surface which is impossible to manually monitor with limited staff. ZeroFOX provides the educational community an automated way to gain visibility and protect from physical threats, cyber bullying, and reputational harm.

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    Early Insight Into Indicators of Physical Attacks

    Gain critical awareness as soon as possible about imminent threats of violence

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    Critical, Continuous Social Visibility and Control

    Immediately gain full visibility into the dynamic digital world to catch more violence threats, bullying, scams and other attacks

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    Ai-powered to Easily Distill Risks From the Noise

    Leverage artificial intelligence and automation to alleviate manual or targeted monitoring and reduce time and labor-intensive collection, analysis and remediation

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    Protect Students and Applicants From Scams

    Ensure safe student engagement on social media by finding and taking down fraudsters, impersonators, fake diplomas and other applicant scams at scale

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    Create Safe, Constructive Learning Environments

    Get insights non-intrusively into social sentiment and school-related dialog, be it by students, staff, applicants or nefarious third-party actors.  Alert on and remediate offensive content and help reduce cyber-bullying

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    Prevent Spoofed Profiles, Account Takeovers & Data Loss

    Stop account hijacking and sensitive information leakage by identifying breaches and quickly taking action

Did You Know...


Threats of violence in K-12 schools rose 62% in prior school year


Actual acts of violence increased 113% (doubling) to nearly one per day


of students report seeing frequent bullying online

The ability to manage our social media security through a single dashboard is fantastic, and offers the institution a high level of reassurance. — Kate Love, Director of External Relations and Development

We Literally Wrote the Book

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K-12 and Higher Education

The ZeroFOX Platform provides educational institutions with the critical and continuous visibility they need to protect students, staff and campuses from internal and external threats originating online.

  • Physical threats often manifest themselves online before an attack – ZeroFOX assists school staff to escalate violence alerts during major campus events
  • ZeroFOX uses powerful AI to automate the monitoring, analysis and alerting giving you 24×7 coverage
  • Improve security without burdening your limited staff

Additional benefits for campuses and higher education:

ZeroFOX makes the job easier. No other tool that simply looks for keywords can match this capability.

  • ZeroFOX safeguards your remote locations, faculty, athletes and offsite venues
  • Using an intuitive google-maps like interface add context to identify true threats, and filter irrelevant social noise
  • ZeroFOX also helps eliminate other reputational risks, such as fraud and data leakage, to your greater school community

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Given the magnitude of social media, we view ZeroFOX as a natural extension of our security technology stack. They’re covering a critical blindspot for us. — Director of Information Security, Ivy League University

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