ZeroFOX OnWatch™ Managed Service

Expert configuration, optimization,
escalation, support, training and services

Extend digital visibility and protection with ZeroFOX OnWatch™. ZeroFOX’s managed services provide customers with enhanced hands-on protection from our expert team of analysts. With ZeroFOX OnWatch™, you can rest assured that our team of experts will do what they do best: protect your organization from social and digital threats—all while you focus on your day job.

Immediate Time To Value

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    Proactively protect your
    digital footprint

    ZeroFOX OnWatch provides monitoring across social media, digital, web and mobile platforms so you can focus on your business

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    Bring critical alerts
    front and center

    Our team of experts analyzes, triages and escalates every alert generated for your organization, helping you prioritize critical risks

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    Gain comprehensive
    incident response management

    We’ll handle what we do best–identifying & responding to social & digital risks to your business–so you can do what you do best

ZeroFOX OnWatch includes:

  • Initial onboard configuration and setup
  • 24×7 platform support
  • 24×7 managed service alert validation, investigation, escalation, and resolution
  • Expert configuration, auditing, tuning, and consultation
  • Continuous platform innovation
  • Executive and technical platform report exports
  • FoxScript customization
  • Online access to ZeroFOX University
ZeroFOX has been so educational. Before, we had no idea that accounts like ours were hacked so frequently. ZeroFOX has helped us look both externally -- at our social accounts -- as well as internally to all our security practices. We reviewed all our security, making sure we’re secure going forward, especially around protecting our social account from hacking and finding fraudulent or unauthorized profiles. ZeroFOX are the experts; the trusted advisors. logo Mary Ann Zawitoski, Senior Project Manager

Go further with ZeroFOX

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    OnWatch Dedicated Threat Analyst

    Our dedicated threat analyst offering provides access to an account-assigned team or team member within the ZeroFOX threat research org for in-depth custom threat investigation based on your organization’s unique threats, business cases, new, incoming investigation requests and/or persistent issues.

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    ZeroFOX University

    ZeroFOX University offers online and in-person trainings to ensure you get the most out of your ZeroFOX Platform investment and maximize your digital risk protection. Designed for technical and non-technical users alike, these trainings will advance your use of the ZeroFOX Platform and help develop unique security skills to address threats in today’s digital world.

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    ZeroFOX maintains the most effective and broadest takedown capabilities of any security vendor across a wide range of data sources including social media, web, deep, domains and more, saving you time and resources.

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