Physical security threats continue to increase globally – according to the 2023 OnSolve Global Risk Impact Report – threats to infrastructure and technology increased 688% globally and 807% in the US alone over the past year. Social media and online channels can provide evidence of these threats, but corporate security teams often don’t have the resources to accurately track, vet, and evaluate risks across the millions of data sources spanning the surface, deep, and dark web.

ZeroFox is reinforcing physical security with more advanced views of threat visibility, allowing security teams to see threats mapped in proximity to their critical assets and people and take action faster when it’s most critical. With analyst-vetted intelligence, enriched with context, tagged, and categorized by type of incident, time, and location – all easily visible and searchable on an interactive map – teams can ultimately make faster, more informed physical security decisions.

New PSI enhancements include:

  • Advanced Geovisualization of Incidents: Easily search for and visualize global physical security incidents in proximity to their protected locations and assets on a new, interactive map.
  • Granular Threat Research: Search the historical and current global threat map and filter by incident type, specific keywords, location, and time to anticipate future threats and implement proactive measures to safeguard your organization.
  • Geopolitical Intelligence: Access and share unique ZeroFox geopolitical intelligence from the global map for detailed analysis of activity affecting selected locations, with additional analyst context and enrichment that provides a broader context of geopolitical climates and threat actors’ motivations.

“Physical security incidents often leave a digital trail, which creates a new opportunity to get ahead of threats by connecting seemingly disparate events to analyze patterns and threat profiles of locations,” said Mike Price, Chief Technology Officer at ZeroFox. “Cybersecurity and physical security go hand in hand, and we’re excited to introduce these new capabilities to give security teams accurate, visual intelligence that will help them better protect their people, offices, and other critical assets.”

ZeroFox’s newly-enhanced Physical Security Intelligence capabilities are available to new and existing customers as of August 30. For more information on ZeroFox PSI, visit

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