Don’t get “phooled.” Expand your phishing protection to secure against modern attacks.

Phishing is not just an email problem anymore. Modern attackers are increasingly exploiting top level domains (TLDs) with malicious URLs in more sophisticated attacks. Avoid these growing threats with expanded phishing protection from the global leader in domain phishing innovation and response.

90% of cyberattacks start with phishing. Stop them where they start – outside your perimeter.

According to the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) and others, threat actors are achieving attacks of increasing scale, creating 1.4 million unique phishing web sites per month. ZeroFox continues to advance what’s possible in phishing protection to keep your domains safe from common domain phishing techniques.

Quickly identify phishing URLs that are not discoverable otherwise.

Today’s Phishing web sites are often indiscernible from legitimate sites. ZeroFox uses advanced anti-phishing tools to discover more subdomains impersonating a customer’s brand, identify fraudulent favicons, find domains that do not directly match a brand name, recognize new, risky website certificates, and more.

More valid alerts. More coverage. More takedowns.

As the global leader in end-to-end domain phishing protection and response, ZeroFox enables greater visibility and accelerates the time from threat submission to initial disruption and completed takedown. 

So you can stay steps ahead of the next phishing attack techniques.

It’s up to security teams to stay steps ahead of the next phishing attack techniques so they can protect users – their own employees and customers – from a wide range of attacks. ZeroFox continues to allow you to pinpoint phishing threats and take them down – fast.

Advanced solution to prevent today’s sophisticated phishing attacks.

Built on advanced AI/ML technologies and backstopped by an elite group of security analysts, the newest anti-phishing features and capabilities from ZeroFox extend our depth and breadth of domain protection coverage to stop emergent threat types and discover cloaked URLs. 

ZeroFox – expanding on our leadership in domain phishing protection


increase in domain takedowns so far in 2023


brands protected across social channels


increase in phishing takedowns vs. 2022

Executives/VIPs protected

ZeroFox Intelligence has seen a 68% increase in phishing takedowns this year compared to the first half of 2022. See the rest of the trends and learn what can be done to protect against them.

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