Financial Sector Quarterly Threat Landscape

2022, Q1

In these quarterly reports, we’ll review:

  • Threat Trends and Evolving Risks
  • Top Vulnerabilities and Exploits
  • Industry-Specific Risks and Considerations
  • Predictions and Recommendations

Download the 2022, Q1 Report

The financial sector faces evolving cyberattacks, challenging cybersecurity teams to create effective strategies to stop attackers. Whether dealing with continual social engineering campaigns, new technological environments, or stopping brand impersonations that target customers, financial institutions must be proactive to outfox the adversary. 

In the first quarter of 2022 (Q1 2022), the financial sector faced an increase in botnet and malware deployment, as well as banking trojans targeting customers. Although there was a decrease in Initial Access Brokers (IAB) and ransomware, they remained some of the most significant threats to the sector. 

Download the Quarterly Threat Landscape report for more of this quarter’s findings with an in-depth analysis from the ZeroFox Threat Intelligence team. The report highlights:

  • Social engineering campaigns targeting the financial sector
  • The increase in threats from Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures and previously unknown software vulnerabilities
  • The upward trajectory of blockchain threats 
  • Hack-and-leak groups who claim to be ransomware operations 
  • A round up of top vulnerabilities and exploits from the quarter
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