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Extend Threat Analysis with Contextual Research

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Go Deeper With Expert
Research & Analysis

ZeroFox OnWatch™ Insight enhances understanding of threats with contextual research and expertise. Gain access to pooled, threat intelligence analysts that provide in-depth threat analysis, insights, reports, and finished intelligence relevant to your organization and industry. Complement ZeroFox's AI-powered platform with expert human analysis to contextualize threats to your business, executives, assets and data. This service also includes OnWatch™ Alert.

Expert threat intelligence analysis with advanced tradecraft—gain deeper perspective.

Access a pool of intelligence experts providing in-depth threat alert analysis and additional context relevant to your organization's security concerns.

Expand insights into and research critical security areas.

Receive periodic strategic finished intelligence reports covering dark web, brand, and physical security risks and gain deeper insight into geopolitical, industry, and global threats.

Minimize alert

Refine your scope based on standing intelligence requirements and leverage contextual analysis and alert curation to cut down on the noise.

Maintain consistent service
at a predictable cost

Scale up security operations while reducing costs associated with building out internal threat intelligence infrastructure and staff.

Strategically fill
intelligence gaps

Rely on a team of seasoned analysts and industry experts to satisfy occasional intelligence requests so you can better optimize internal security efforts.

ZeroFox OnWatch™ Insights Includes*:

  • Curated Alert Research and Analysis
  • Access to Pooled Threat Intelligence Analysts
  • Prosecute up to 4 Reach Backs (alert context inquiries) per month
  • Strategic Finished Intelligence (Geopolitical, Industry, Global Threats)
  • Weekly Threat Intelligence Report
  • Monthly Threat Assessment Report
  • English-Language Support

*OnWatch™ Alert is also included with OnWatch™ Insight subscriptions.

The volume of data analyzed by ZeroFox is shocking. At the end of the day, I only see the alerts that truly matter to First Command.
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