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ZeroFox University

Become a Digital Risk Protection Expert

ZeroFox University offers online and in-person trainings to ensure you get the most out of your ZeroFox Platform investment and maximize your digital risk protection. Designed for technical and non-technical users alike, these trainings will advance your use of the ZeroFox Platform and help develop unique security skills to address threats in today’s digital world.

Certified Security Analyst (CSA)

Designed for platform users at every level, this course provides the skills required to effectively protect an organization from the latest advanced digital threats.

What you'll gain
An understanding of the types of security threats & business risks spanning the social & digital landscape

Proficiency in ZeroFOX Platform navigation, configuration & support resources

Knowledge of best practices for integrating ZeroFOX toward tactical, strategic & operational goals

Certified Security Engineer (CSE)

Designed for technical users, this course expands on the knowledge gained through CSA training, enabling security analysts to programmatically leverage the full power and flexibility of the ZeroFOX Platform and technology integrations.

What you'll gain
An understanding of custom policies (FoxScripts) & their purpose within the platform

Proficiency in utilizing the Platform UI to customize FoxScripts

Knowledge of best practices for integrating custom FoxScripts

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