GDPR Addendum

ZeroFox has adopted a data processing addendum (DPA) for our business customers subject to GDPR. If you’re already a customer, please contact your sales representative or account manager if you would like to incorporate this “DPA” into your existing agreement with ZeroFox. If you’re entering into a new agreement with ZeroFox, we are happy to incorporate our DPA into that agreement.

Individuals and data protection supervisory authorities in the EU and the UK may contact our data protection representatives according to Articles 27 EU and UK GDPR:

  • EU: DP-Dock GmbH,
    Attn: ZeroFox Inc., Ballindamm 39, 20095 Hamburg, Germany
  • UK: DP Data Protection Services UK Ltd.,
    Attn: ZeroFox Inc., 16 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5AH, United Kingdom
[email protected]