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Forrester names ZeroFOX A Leader &
Top-Ranked in Strategy for Digital Risk Monitoring
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The Forrester Wave™: Digital Risk Monitoring, Q3 2016
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ZeroFOX University

Get Social Media Security Certified

ZeroFOX University offers a variety of training programs, both technical and non-technical, to ensure you get the most out of your ZeroFOX Platform investment and to ensure maximum protection of your organization from social media business threats and security risks. Security analysts can tap into this professional-grade certification for social media security to better protect your organization and grow your career skills.

Certified Security Analyst (ZCSA)

Learn the skills required to effectively protect an organization from the latest advanced social media security threats and targeted attacks.

This curriculum is comprised of three modules:

Social Media Threats
Great analysis begins with understanding the adversary. Learn the types of targeted attacks, adversary motivations, organizations being targeted, and financial impacts.

ZeroFOX Platform Mastery
Train on how to effectively leverage the ZeroFOX Platform to perform advanced security analysis and protection.

Advanced Analyst Tradecraft
Dive deep into graph analysis, alert management, and adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures to protect your organization from social media adversaries.

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Certified Security Engineer (ZCSE)

Extend your ZeroFOX Certified Security Analysts training to programmatically leverage the full power and flexibility of the ZeroFOX platform and technology integrations.

This curriculum is comprised of three modules:

OSINT Tools & Strategies
Augment the ZeroFOX Platform with industry-leading open source intelligence (OSINT) tools to rapidly and precisely identify social media threats unique to your organization, events, brands and people.

FoxScript Development
Learn to write customized FoxScripts to refine search, discover and alert on social media adversaries and negative content specific to your evolving business needs.

ZeroFOX API Programming
Effortlessly integrate with your business' existing IT infrastructure to enable richer analysis within your organization's internal security infrastructure.

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Certified Security Master (ZCSM)

Combine both ZeroFOX University's Certified Security Analyst and Certified Security Engineer training into a single four day program to achieve certification faster with higher impact and lower costs.

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