Utilities, Energy & Manufacturing

Protect your critical infrastructure from targeted attacks

Ensure your locations, events, facilities, products and people are protected against threats expressed on social media and other channels, both physical and digital.

There is a firm need for ZeroFOX, and no one else does what they do. Working with ZeroFOX has been truly eye opening. The best compliment I can give is simply that it works.

Chief Security Officer,
Data Storage Provider

What We Do

In the social media age, exploiting people to extort sensitive information or gain access to critical systems has never been easier. Gain the critical visibility and automated security controls necessary to protect against these and other external social & digital threats.

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    Situational awareness of relevant risks

    Gain visibility to external threats of violence/disruption and natural disasters and internal risks from exposed PII or executive travel plans

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    Real-time identification of physical threats

    Immediately identify physical risks before they impact your people, locations and events

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    Protection for your VIPs

    Identify risks as employees travel, VIPs attend conferences, family members go abroad or event locations change

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    Time-saving automated threat analysis and remediation

    Leverage artificial intelligence to reduce time-intensive collection, analysis and remediation

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    Physical loss prevention

    Protect your manufacturing facilities, distribution and storage warehouses, offices and stores from risks such as theft, vandalism, & abuse.

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    Actionable insight on top threats, targets and trends

    Measure and report on risks to your business, people and brands

Did You Know...


of Americans reported experiencing physical threats online.


Over 2 billion pieces of content analyzed daily.


The average time to alert is 15 seconds

The ZeroFOX Platform for Utilities, Energy & Manufacturing

Targeted cyber attacks can now hit any employee in the organization via social media under the radar of the corporate security team, making the organization blind and your operations susceptible  to this increasingly prominent threat vector. . . ZeroFOX provides organizations with the critical visibility & automated security controls necessary to protect them from external social & digital threats, both cyber and physical, with the most real-world, real-time situational awareness available ZeroFOX ingests external data such as social media posts, blogs,  dark web and more ,that security teams do not get from anywhere else, patching a critical blind spot. The ZeroFOX Platform addresses a variety of complex threats and immediately supercharges threat intelligence programs with external data.

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How ZeroFOX Works

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