Webinar: My Phishing Kit Burn Book

The tell-all of the new clique taking the cybercrime economy by storm

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Meet the Speakers

Zack Allen
Zack Allen

Sr. Director of Threat Intelligence, Research & Investigations at ZeroFox

Chris Bayliss
Chris Bayliss

Sr. Threat Researcher at ZeroFox

What You'll Learn

Phishing attacks are on the rise due to social and digital platform growth and the convenient availability of phishing kits — a new player in the organized cybercrime economy. The phishing kit scene exploded in 2019, where the term alone was mentioned on social media almost 2500% more than the previous year. Phishing kits have gained so much popularity that the US DoJ is releasing advisories related to phishing kits used in campaigns abusing COVID-19. 

In this talk, we will review a year’s worth of phishing kit research, outlining organized crime groups behind these kits, and presenting a new tool called PhishPond, which is an open source phishing kit detection and analysis tool. 

Key Takeaways
  • An understanding of the phishing attack landscape, from both a historic and present-day standing, including the economy of phishing, current players, and common tactics
  • A working knowledge of key points where phishing actors can be disrupted, modeled according to a flywheel we have developed
  • A strategy for identifying and combating phishing kits, including how to use our open-source phishing research tool, PhishPond