Protect Consumers When Shopping Online Against Fakes and Scams

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Meet the Speakers

Dr. Sam Small
Dr. Sam Small

Chief Security Officer

 Ashlee Benge
Ashlee Benge

Threat Researcher

What You'll Learn

For retailers, digital platforms represent real opportunity for profitability. With online sales at an all-time high, retailers rely on social media, websites and marketplaces to promote products and sell goods directly to consumers. Cybercriminals have recognized the opportunities that online platforms represent for retailers, using malicious domains, counterfeit goods, coupon/gift card scams and impersonations on social media to engage directly with unwary consumers. Retailers must address these new risks to protect revenue, brand reputation and consumer trust.

Attendees will gain early access to research results and review key findings from the latest ZeroFox research on the top digital threats facing the retail sector, from domain-based attacks to counterfeit goods and scams. Hear from industry experts from global retailers discussing the real impact of digital transformation and the associated risks to the retail market.

Key Takeaways
  • Share research findings & current state of the retail digital threat landscape
  • Deep dive into the top 5 attack tactics targeting the retail sector: Domain-based attacks, Counterfeit goods, Scams, Impersonations and Information exposure
  • Hear directly from industry experts about how to identify and mitigate these top digital threats
  • Gain information on protection recommendations to address digital threats