Next-Level Threat Intelligence Customer User Groups: The ZeroFox Power User Forum

Next-Level Threat Intelligence Customer User Groups: The ZeroFox Power User Forum
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Tackling the modern adversary in today’s threat landscape continues to demand more from security teams and defenders. Timely and relevant tools and resources have become a must as well as a foundation in order to equip these teams effectively. This often leads already overworked and overwhelmed teams to invest in outside vendors to monitor, identify, analyze, alert and disrupt threats. Evaluating the customer experience and an organization’s unique challenges for its specific environment is an important part of the process. As a result, customer user groups have become a core part of the engagement process as innovative solutions and research continues to roll out.

The team at ZeroFox has a passion for delivering world-class external threat intelligence and protection services, and a large part of that is creating a next-level customer experience. In this blog post, you will get a glimpse into one of the many perks our valued customers have access to and actively leverage on a consistent basis: the ZeroFox Power User Forum.

Benefits of a Threat Intelligence Customer User Group

The idea of customer user groups is not a new one, major software vendors will offer customer events and opportunities to be active participants in new developments or products. Microsoft’s prominent Customer User Group is a great example. These groups offer customers the opportunity to learn more about the product, be the first to know about upcoming enhancements, get a head start on new developments, discover key usability tips and gain a sense of camaraderie amongst peers as well as their service provider. 

Customers that attend the user group series within the ZeroFox community gain benefits like these and more: 

    A Series Exclusive for ZeroFox Customers

    ZeroFox’s Power User Forum is the ultimate threat intelligence customer user group experience — exclusively available to active ZeroFox customers. Each event features in-house developments, platform usage tips as well as product experts that share upcoming or recent innovations. This series empowers users to gain visibility into all the platform has to offer, including enhancements to enable them to become power users at ZeroFox. 

    Our latest installment of the series occurred on September 14th and featured speakers from product management, Joe Vidmar and Jason Sumpter. Both Joe Vidmar, Product Manager, and Jason Sumpter, Senior Product Manager, are involved in the release of the new products and features they presented on - which offered customers the opportunity to ask and get answers to their technical questions. 

    Since we started this series, customers have heard from ZeroFox experts such as Caitlin Wood, VP of Global Operations, Zack Allen, Senior Director of Threat Intelligence, and Catherine Mudge, Platform Engineer and Technical Account Manager. Our speakers that join the Power User Forum can be involved in engineering-specific releases, craft the feature roadmap, or are experts in that specific area of the product. 

    Members of our community also appear as featured speakers.
    Luca Colombo from AC Milan appeared as a Power User Spotlight presenter during a Customer User Group event.

    Top Takeaways From Our Latest Threat Intelligence Customer User Group

    Our most recent session covered top enhancements in areas such as domain protection, adversary disruption, threat hunting and dark web services. Below is a sneak peek of the top takeaways from the latest Power User Forum event: 

    Domain scams continue to be a challenge for businesses. 

    In the past 90 days, ZeroFox has witnessed 4x more domain alerts, 3x more domain escalations and 3x more domain takedowns than the 90 days prior. Our latest quarterly threat landscape report discusses how domain scams and phishing URLs are a concern for businesses today

    ZeroFox continues to innovate key technologies to stay ahead of rising domain threats. With enhancements to domain protection such as continuous monitoring of domains and alerting on cloned pages using web beacons, customers have several new tools to help them identify and remediate domain threats. 

    Adversary disruption grows with new disruption partners and innovations.

    ZeroFox is going beyond the takedown with adversary disruption. In addition to announcing our partnerships with the Global Disruption Network, we also offer a detailed dashboard to help our customers visualize every step of the disruption process. 

    A new module grants analysts access to our full-spectrum threat intelligence data lake.

    Customers are now empowered to lead their own threat investigation efforts with our newest product announcement, the External Threat Hunting Module

    New products and enhancements level up dark web security efforts. 

    ZeroFox continues to update the platform to help customers identify and remediate cybercrimes found on the dark web. Additionally, our recent acquisition of Vigilante has resulted in a new available product: Dark Ops services.

    Leveling Up The Customer Experience

    Our customers are our partners. Customers routinely flock to watch our Power User Forum series, and their feedback is what drives future sessions. We are dedicated to providing transparency in our roadmap and innovating our platform to ensure they’re able to get ahead of the next security challenge. 

    The team at ZeroFox uses the Power User Forum to share key details about our products and innovations as well as to encourage our customers to ask us questions and share recent challenges they face in building a sound security posture. Gathering their questions, listening to challenges they are facing in real-time and pulling in current feedback is what helps us shape a better customer experience every day. Additionally, we feature customer speakers, such as AC Milan, during the event to share advice for their fellow platform users.  

    Users that attend or watch the Power User Forum submit feedback for our team and advice for other users. Here are just a few of the recent comments following a session: 

    “Great job of explaining how to use the Intelligence tab. I'll definitely make use of it.”

    “Cool stuff! I didn’t know about these features.”

    “I highly recommend taking a little tour of all the tabs in the platform. I found it is actually very user-friendly!”

    How Can You Join the Next Threat Intelligence Customer User Group?

    Power User Forums are for customers only, but our in-house experts are always willing to discuss how our latest innovations and new services can help you defend your organization’s public attack surface. Schedule a demo today.

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