OnWatch™ Managed Threat Intelligence Services

Your protection, fully managed with 24/7 World-Class Security Operations Centers and Threat Intelligence Experts

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Flexible Services That Act as an Extension of Your Team

ZeroFox OnWatch™ provides strategic managed platform and intelligence services that act as critical extensions to your team. Whether it’s triaging alerts in the ZeroFox platform, accessing pooled intelligence resources, or leveraging a fully dedicated analyst - you can rely on enhanced, hands-on protection and threat intelligence experts who help ensure optimal protection and satisfy your unique requirements.

ZeroFox OnWatch™ Alert

Alert, Respond & Disrupt

Extend digital visibility and protection with ZeroFox OnWatch™ Alert. Our team of global SOC first-line threat experts provide 24x7x365 managed services to review, triage and escalate incidents and prioritize threats on your behalf. Protect your organization from social and digital threats while maximizing the value of the ZeroFox platform - all while getting back more time in your day.

Threat validation, triage, analysis, routing, and escalation—make security simple.

Every alert reviewed, validated and escalated so you can focus on relevant, critical issues first. Extend AI-powered alerting with expert threat analysis.

Report on key threats and intelligence pertinent to your organization

Benefit from regular alert summary reports about your threats and periodic intelligence reports about key global and regional risks.

Proactively protect your public attack surface

Analysis and escalation across social media, domains, email, surface, deep and dark web.

Bring critical alerts front and center

Our team of experts analyzes, triages and escalates every alert generated for your organization, helping you prioritize critical risks.

Gain comprehensive incident response management

We’ll handle what we do best–identifying & responding to social & digital risks to your business–so you can do what you do best.

ZeroFox OnWatch™ Managed Services Includes:

  • Expert configuration, auditing, tuning and consultation
  • 24×7x 365 managed service alert triage, validation, investigation, and escalation
  • Deep alert context, attack correlation, and further RFI research
  • On-Demand threat investigations and risk assessments
  • Multi-lingual threat intelligence analysts integrated into your team and workflow
  • OSI and Dark Web investigations and embedded operative direct engagement
  • Executive and technical threat and activity report
  • Online access to ZeroFox University
The volume of data analyzed by ZeroFox is shocking. At the end of the day, I only see the alerts that truly matter to First Command.
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