Protect your hard-earned marketing investments

Safeguard social media investments and maximize customer engagement by stopping social account hacking, brand impersonations profiles, offensive content and reputation damage

The CMO holds more Marketing tech budget than the CIO. Security is an absolute necessity and should be front of mind for Marketing when they are thinking about any MarTech solutions.

Jeremy Wood, VP of Product Marketing

Jeremy Wood on social media protection

What We Do

Brand protection in the social media age means grappling with the speed, volume and diversity of risks associated with social media, all while growing engagement and driving revenue.

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    Time-saving Content Moderation and Remediation

    Save time and money spent monitoring and removing social media posts and pages for offensive and inappropriate content

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    Brand Reputation Protection

    Get full visibility around who is talking about your brand online and remove anything against brand guidelines on your pages

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    Account Hacking Security

    A marketer’s worst nightmare; ZeroFOX locks your accounts at the first sign they maybe hacked and gets it back in your hands

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    Automatic Page Protection

    Automatically hide or remove offensive content posted to your brand page and block repeat offenders

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    Real-time Impersonation Identification & Removal

    Find and remove profiles pretending to be your brand or VIPs and stop them before they undermine your social media community

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    Customer Scam Defense

    Take down social media scammer accounts targeting your hard earned online community

Thousands of the World’s Smartest Brands Work With ZeroFOX

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Did You Know...


Brands that protect their social media community outperform the competition by 40%


78% of consumers are reporting that they are retracting loyalty at a faster pace than ever before


CMOs spend 23% of their marketing budget on social media

The ZeroFOX Platform for Marketers

With accuracy and automation, the ZeroFOX Platform helps marketing teams by protecting accounts from hacking, taking down fraudulent accounts impersonating your brand or VIPs, stopping scams that exploit customer engagement and automatically remediating offensive content posted to your own page across all channels. With robust protection for all a marketing team’s social assets, marketers can focus the resources on creating value on social media, not fixing issues that arise.

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How ZeroFOX Works

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