Geopolitical Intelligence Platform

What is a Geopolitical Intelligence Platform?

A geopolitical intelligence platform is a software solution that provides enterprise organizations with timely, relevant, actionable, and location-based geopolitical threat intelligence for the region(s) in which they operate. 

Geopolitical intelligence platforms support enterprise security teams with up-to-date information and alerts that help them manage location-based threats, secure physical and digital assets, and anticipate political, regulatory, and cultural changes with the potential to impact business operations around the world.

What is Geopolitical Intelligence?

Geopolitical intelligence is a type of threat intelligence that deals with the identification, detection, and mitigation of location-based threats to people, assets, and data. Location-based threats are specific to a given region, and can include political and civil unrest, social or cultural changes, economic instability, regulatory and legal changes, geo-targeted cyber threats, and national cyber programs.


Elections and governmental transitions of power can lead to policy shifts that impact business operations. Political changes can also result in civil unrest that creates localized risks for enterprise personnel, assets, and data. 

A geopolitical intelligence platform provides enterprises with political news, updates, and predictions that inform strategic decision-making to safeguard assets and maintain operations.

Social and Cultural

Social unrest, cultural conflicts, and even warfare and civil war have the potential to disrupt business operations in a country or create risks to physical and digital assets. Other social factors such as shifting demographics, aging populations, immigration, public health crises, and changing social norms can create localized instability that impacts business risk. 

A geopolitical intelligence platform helps keep security teams informed of new social and cultural developments that could impact risk in the countries or regions where they operate.

Legal and Regulatory

Organizations have to follow the law wherever they do business, a requirement that becomes increasingly complicated for global businesses with international assets and reach. 

A geopolitical intelligence platform helps security and compliance teams stay up-to-date on the newest legislation that impacts business operations, from data privacy and sovereignty requirements to copyright laws and taxation.


Economic changes such as high interest rates, high or hyper-inflation, economic recession or depression, government defaults, and high unemployment can result in higher rates of property crime and social unrest that poses a risk to enterprise personnel and assets.

A geopolitical intelligence platform captures early indicators of economic change and helps security teams make the best strategic decisions to secure enterprise assets.

Cyber Threats

Cyber threats include both nation-state cyber programs (state-funded cyber adversary groups that launch sophisticated attacks against high-value enterprise and government targets) and location-based cyber threats (cyber attacks that are geo-targeted at individuals or businesses operating in a specific country).

A geopolitical intelligence platform can provide SecOps teams with information and updates on both nation-state cyber programs and location-based threats to digital assets.

Why is a Geopolitical Intelligence Platform Important?

A geopolitical intelligence platform provides a single centralized location where enterprises can access timely and relevant intelligence on emerging threats and new sources of risk in the regions where they do business.

Geopolitical intelligence platforms are becoming increasingly important to businesses with global operations. Here’s why:

Increase Security Operations Efficiency

Geopolitical intelligence platforms streamline and automate the process of gathering, analyzing, and reporting on geopolitical events that impact the business. This allows security teams to operate at maximum efficiency - instead of spending their time combing through news reports and other information sources for updates on unfolding geopolitical events, security teams can focus their resources on actions that help safeguard enterprise assets.

Anticipate and Mitigate Risk

Geopolitical intelligence provides enterprise security teams with advance warnings of emerging political, social, and public health risks. With the right intelligence, security teams can anticipate and mitigate risks before they develop into situations that negatively impact the organization.

Rapid Event Response

Events like political violence, terrorism, social upheavel, and even extreme weather require businesses to act quickly and decisively to safeguard their physical assets and protect remote employees. A geopolitical intelligence platform can provide real-time event intelligence, delivering immediate alerts of global incidents and enabling the rapid response necessary to achieve the best outcomes.

Detect and Prevent Nation-state Cyber Attacks

An HP-sponsored study titled Nation State, Cyberconflict, and the Web of Profit revealed that nation-state cyber attacks tripled between 2017 and 2020. A geopolitical intelligence platform provides access to new information on the identities, motivations, and TTPs of state-sponsored cyber attackers, helping security teams anticipate, prevent, and mitigate cybersecurity attacks.

Manage Travel Disruption and Protect Business Travelers

Over the past two years, COVID-19 has resulted in major travel disruptions on every continent, often with little warning. When these disruptions occur, businesses need to know immediately so they can communicate the changes to remote employees and make alternative arrangements to ensure their safety - whether that means changing travel plans, or advising them to stay put. 

Geopolitical intelligence platforms provide a single interface where enterprises can receive timely and relevant travel disruption updates that play a key role in protecting remote employees.

Secure Your Global Assets with Geopolitical Intelligence from ZeroFOX

ZeroFOX provides enterprises protection, intelligence, and disruption to dismantle external threats across the web. 

The ZeroFOX platform monitors the public attack surface at scale, enabling early detection and identification of location-based cyber threats and geopolitical risks that can disrupt your organization. 

Our customers benefit from both finished geopolitical intelligence reports and real-time event intelligence that shortens the enterprise response time to safeguard critical assets.

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