Offensive Security Strategies: Combating the Cyber Agitators of the World

Insights from Mike McConnell, Former Director of National Intelligence & National Security Agency

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Meet the Speakers

Mike McConnell
Mike McConnell

Former Director of National Intelligence & Former Director of the National Security Agency

James Foster
James Foster

Chief Executive Officer at ZeroFox

What You'll Learn

Recent cybersecurity incidents targeting the public and private sector alike have created a renewed sense of urgency for security teams. The latest presidential “Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity” outlines extensive changes and requirements by the current administration to address these increasing challenges brought on by events such as the Colonial Pipeline and other enterprise attacks. The Order highlights the increasing need for alignment between the public and private sector to combat rapidly increasing digital and physical threats impacting commerce, trade, and government agencies and services across the United States together.

Join the former Director of National Intelligence and National Security Agency, Mike McConnell, in an open discussion as he provides his perspective on the Executive Order, how recent cyber events highlight the need for better synergy between the public and private sector, as well as key considerations for threat intelligence and security teams to address these challenges.

Key Discussion Topics:
  • The increasing velocity of cybercriminal and nation-state activity
  • A review of recent cybersecurity incidents and what they may mean
  • Analysis of the Biden Executive Order on improving the Nation's cybersecurity
  • How collaboration between public and private sectors can improve cybersecurity
  • How these changes can shape the future of cybersecurity for private businesses and government agencies alike