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Protect your talent where they build brand and your content where it goes viral

Generate and grow your fanbase without fear of account takeovers, brand/endorsement abuse, counterfeit goods, slander or scams targeting your clients, customers, and community

[The ZeroFOX Platform is] 'groundbreaking'...'game-changing'...'one of the most revolutionary platforms that exists'.

R. L. Adams

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What We Do

Media, Sports and Entertainment organizations face a difficult challenge: protecting events, talent and VIPs on social media from account hacking, risky content and physical and digital threats.

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    Comprehensive visibility and control

    Complete social media visibility to catch more fraud, risk and targeted attacks faster

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    Identification of scammers targeting fans

    Protect fan engagement by finding and automatically taking down fraudulent accounts at scale

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    Vip account takeover prevention

    Safeguard corporate accounts and your talent’s profiles from being hijacked

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    Fraud investigation and removal

    Identify scams targeting clients and fans that tarnish reputation and customer loyalty

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    Impersonator account remediation

    Find fraudulent accounts pretending to be your talent or brand and automatically remove them

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    Event monitoring and protection

    Protect locations, client owned properties and events from physical threats on social media and digital channels

Did You Know...


Fake accounts have increased 11x over the past two years


Globally, phishing attacks on social media cost $1.2B


Over 9 in 10 users report being engaged by a fraudulent account

The ZeroFOX Platform for Media, Sports & Entertainment

Generating and growing mindshare on social media, promoting new content, branding talent, selling merchandise and advertising the brand or franchise is critical for media, sports and entertainment organizations. Attackers imitate the brand to extort customers, sell counterfeit goods, impersonate talent to scam fans, slander the brand, disseminate phishing attacks and hijack vulnerable accounts, undermining social media investments and causing costly brand damage and revenue loss. ZeroFOX protects accounts from hijacking, takes down accounts impersonating your brand and talent, stops scams exploiting customer engagement and identifies piracy & physical threats.

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