Piracy and counterfeit detection

Protect hard-earned revenue and customer satisfaction from pirated content and counterfeits

Don’t compete with counterfeits

In the age of online shopping, attackers rely on spoofed domains and fraudulent social media accounts to sell and promote pirated content and counterfeit goods. Capitalizing on your brand, products and customers, counterfeiters steal revenue and damage brand reputation. With ecommerce surging in today’s digital-first world, protecting against fake products and piracy is more critical than ever before.

Remove fake products and pirated content

Protect customer satisfaction and brand reputation by ensuring your customers receive genuine versions of your products, every time. ZeroFox’s AI-powered technology finds counterfeits across marketplaces and dark web black markets and removes fraudulent posts on your behalf before they reach your customers.


Removal of stolen products

Eliminate unauthorized resellers looking to profit off of reselling your stolen merchandise.


Pirated content distribution prevention

Prevent the spread of illegal versions undermining the ROI from legitimate goods and content.


Product reputation protection

Ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty by eliminating fake alternatives to your genuine products.

Explore our piracy and counterfeit detection solutions

Brand protection

Brand Protection

Protect your organization, reputation, and revenue against targeted attacks including phishing, impersonations, fraud and piracy.

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Domain Protection

Domain Protection

Protect owned websites through identification and remediation of impersonating domains, trademark infringement, and spoofing.

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Impersonation Detection

Impersonation Detection

Find and remove fake accounts, sites and apps pretending to be your brand on social media and sell fake products.

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